biden prepares economic pitch with energy focus

President Joe Biden is slated to make Chicago on Wednesday touting his economic policies, including federal investments in clean energy technologies.. ... With the 2024 election looming, Biden is attempting to rally public support for his administration's policies, including the..

camden: hunter biden has lots of company

I was angered when hearing Hunter Biden was getting plea deal on two charges of not paying his taxes on time.. ... Considering that Biden was willing to admit stiffing the feds for at least $200,000 and will be charged with pair of misdemeanors, I was coming down on the side of the..

climate justice: black america can't wait for biden

Biden-Harris touted the debt ceiling compromise among its legislative accomplishments, chief among them being Inflation Reduction Act and Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. ... Biden-Harris administration still has time to adopt nimble, strategic, and relatable approach to ensure..

biden goes back to bird and bard

Home InDepth Analysis Biden Goes Back to BIRD and BARD.. PM Netanyahu at Ariel University at the signing of the agreement lifting geographic restrictions on US- Israel cooperation. The Biden administration issued guidance to cut scientific and cooperation with areas beyond the armistice..

did hunter biden get a sweetheart deal?

In looking at sample of more few had facts directly analogous to Hunter Biden's case. ... Former tax prosecutors said Hunter Biden case presented Justice Department with several challenges that cut favor of negotiating plea deal rather than taking the case to trial... ..