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Rigidly in its strategic assumptions, Biden team is determined to contest the impression, that U.S empire is in decline. After Biden's meeting with Xi there is no reason to believe that of Thucydides Trap has been in any way invalidated as the clue to understanding the course of U.S.-..

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Representative Rashida Tlaib releases video accusing President Joe Biden of supporting the genocide of Palestinians.. Representative Rashida Tlaib releases video accusing President Joe Biden of supporting the genocide of Palestinians. ..

biden weighs border deal

Top Biden officials are preparing Democratic lawmakers and policy advocates for the likelihood the administration will have to swallow compromises on asylum order for the president's security funding request to pass, ... ..

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Jim Carrey Is Joe Biden First Look at Saturday Night Live Season 46. Jim Carrey suits up as presidential Joe Biden in new preview clip for this weekend's season premiere of Saturday Night Live.. ..

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Biden's speech, originally timed for 8 00 in the evening, the hour of Israel newscasts, was forceful and compassionate. ... It's possible that the reevaluation by many Israelis after the starkly contrasting statements of Biden and Trump might bridge some of the gap between Israeli and..

biden-picked us attorney admits balking at hunter

Graves said that his deputies expressed to Delaware US Attorney David Weiss team willingness to facilitate prosecution of Hunter Biden on tax fraud charges, that he had single 10-minute phone call with Weiss February or March of last year, and did not speak with him again.. ... Under..

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FILE - President Joe Biden's Hunter Biden leaves after appearance, July 26, 2023, Wilmington, Del. House Republicans plan to hold their first hearing next in their inquiry into President Joe Biden over his business dealings. ..

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We're less and former President Donald Trump has already cleared the field — setting up Biden vs. ... Biden stepping aside now would be the most democratic thing to do by giving voters, choice about. ..


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Biden Scandals Supreme Court by Drew Mariani... Hour of The Drew Mariani Show on 6-27-23. Former Congressman Jeff Fortenberry takes look at the scandals that keep surrounding Biden family, and how White House avoids talking about it at any cost. ..