halt odebunmi’s toxic media bills

SEVERAL credible mainstream media houses have been warning of the havoc that Olusegun Odebunmi's Nigerian Press Council, NPC, and National Broadcasting Commission, NBC, amendment Bills will wreak on the industry and our democracy if they sail through.. ... It makes sense that the sponsor of the..

letter: voting bills

Manchin's alternative bill that would make Election Day holiday, require 15 days of early voting and ban partisan gerrymandering. Republicans must step up and support this bill and reject the filibuster. ..

passing restrictive voting bills

Bloomberg used Sankey diagram to show the path of over thousand voting bills, classifying them as restrictive, mixed effect, or expansive. Across the country, lawmakers proposed more than 300 bills this year to restrict voting and dozens more that would restrict in some ways and expand in..

electricity bills and taxes

Examining my electricity bill, it was burdened with immense taxes taxes. ... Firstly used units are charged, there is line of taxes i.e 1 ) fuel price adjustment tax, 2 ) FC surcharge, 3 ) duty, 4 ) TV, 5 ) 17% GST, 6 ) Neelum Jehlum surcharge, 7 ) GST on FPA, 8 ) ED on FPA, 9 ) Total FPA on the..

bills for buds

Newsom earlier signed bill that will suspend the tax and authority to raise the rate over the year. ... The appellation bill, SB 67, is meant to stop cannabis companies from slapping the names of geographical areas on products that do not come from plants grown in those areas. ..

the contentious equality bills

The evident flaws in these bills have been pointed out by NGOs, Christian and Catholic groups, and people of calibre such as Tonio Borg and Ranier Fsadni.. ... The supremacy of this bill over the Constitution of Malta and European Convention Act is of utmost concern and must be addressed..

two tax bills this year

As result, only 86 bills passed Legislature this year while in year 250-300 bills are sent up... ... Only two of the tax bills made it up to Governor this year.. By disallowing it for solar farm projects of, One bill that went up changed the energy credit5 MW or more..

graft: pay private hospital bills

It's fair, therefore, that they send their medical bills from the private hospitals to the government for settlement, owing to its failure in their duty of care.. ... we have no choice except to start sending MoH our medical bills incurred at private hospitals for settlement. ..

afc notes: bills, jets, patriots

The Bills officially signed G Thursday. NFL Media’s Ian Rapoport reports Winters got a one-year, $3 million deal with $2 million guaranteed.  . . ... Newton was asked about meshing with HC Bill Belichick: “There’s a perception, but at the end of the day, it’s football. ..

understanding electricity bills

Some electricity bills are structured which means you pay fixed amount in tier of usage based on the electricity used in period for the month.. This is uncommon bill payment structure, and it can be confusing for homeowners, as there's often no way to know when you've hit peak..

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