bill de blasio endorses bernie sanders

Senator Bernie Sanders told  CNN on Friday that New York CityMayor Bill de Blasio was endorsing the in Democratic primary race.. ... I'm proud to endorse true leader who will fight for working New Yorkers & families across the country, de Blasio tweeted.. ..

de blasio squeaks into iowa

New York City mayor Bill de Blasio's voice sounded high and squeaky as he addressed AFL-CIO Iowa on Wednesday.. ... This entry was posted Politics and tagged 2020 Primary, AFL-CIO, Bill de Blasio, Iowa. ..

bill de blasio on ska: "i love ska"

In de Blasio's case, he says he loves Clash , reggae, and ska Here's how that conversation between de Blasio and CNN New Day co-host Alisyn Camerota began. ... By gesturing to and saying, I did not know you had all this to you, de Blasio says, to. ..

why is bill de blasio running?

Pinning for spot and de Blasio may very well find out that not many people outside New York know. The Post reports, In party that prizes diversity, de Blasio becomes the 14th white male candidate for president. ..

the bill de blasio appeal

By protestors as he arrived for his first, Just hours New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio was met TV interview as candidate. Politics these days is form of entertainment, and for the comedy portion of Democratic nomination fight we now have New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio. ..

new york mayor de blasio joins 2020 race

De Blasio, 58, the money is in the wrong hands and added that he knows how to challenge Trump on climate change, issue on. ... Despite the truism that the job of New York mayor is America after that of president, de Blasio sometimes nicknamed. ..

de blasio makes it 23

In video, De Blasio says he has taken Trump on before and he's ready to do it again... ... The president mocked De Blasio on Twitter soon after the mayor's announcement.. ..

mayor de blasio puts bad landlords on notice

NEW YORK CITY—As promised earlier this year, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has established a new office geared at protecting tenants from harassment. ... “Bad landlords – you’re on notice,” says Mayor de Blasio. “As Director of the Mayor’s Office to Protect Tenants,..

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