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Bloomberg 6 commentaries 1 videos & podcasts... Bloomberg, UN Secretary-General's Special Envoy for Climate Ambition and Solutions, is Founder of Bloomberg Philanthropies and Bloomberg L.P and mayor of New York City ... ... Bloomberg & Damilola Ogunbiyi urge..

taylor swift is now a billionaire, bloomberg says

Taylor Swift seen here on October, Los Angeles, California, is now billionaire, according to Bloomberg analysis. New York — Taylor Swift has another accolade to add to lengthy resume this year America's favorite pop star is now billionaire, according to Bloomberg analysis.. ..

taylor swift is a billionaire, per bloomberg

Taylor Swift has joined the elite ranks of the richest people in the world and is now billionaire, Bloomberg. ... But if you want details, Bloomberg says her catalogue is worth $400 million, she's made $370 in ticket sales and merch and $120 in streaming, has $110 million tied up in..

bloomberg news: how to keep the treasuries market functioning


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Carol Massar and Tim Stenovec bring together the latest news from the world of business and finance and the interesting stories of technology, politics, economics and more by harnessing the power of Bloomberg Businessweek reporters and editors.. ..

peak oil demand predicted by bloomberg in 2027

According to recent analysis by Bloomberg, the demand for gasoline and diesel has already peaked in United States and Europe, and is expected to peak China by 2024 and India in the 2030s. ... Bloomberg estimates that by 2040, EVs will displace million barrels in oil demand, substantial..

bloomberg soda ban fizzles

New York City Mayor Nanny Michael Bloomberg got well-deserved legal spanking of his own today from state court judge ruling against his imperial ban on the sale of large-size sodas and other sweetened drinks. ... The good judge took Bloomberg to task for effectively legislating the ban..