Only quarter of Scottish farmers are optimistic about the Brexit will have on the industry, survey has.. ..

brexit day

Bikers for Brexit, for instance, were happy to share their views about the revelation that their freedom was being returned that the tyranny of European Union was being overthrown... ..


To avoid Brexit, UK would have to pass exit plan into law, get extension from European Union or stop Brexit altogether... Hence, MPs seeking to pass legislation to force Johnson to ask for further delay to Brexit... ..

brexit: scottishindependencefilter

Polling has shown that Conservatives who support Brexit are and being fine with the economic harm that, again, definitely by Brexiteers wo not happen anyway and, remarkably, would countenance the destruction of their own party to achieve that end, they would also accept the break-up of UK to..


No wonder the comissars are scared of Brexit, I dont think German taxpayers could take much more of this just to keep bunch of bureaucrats and failed politicians luxury. ..


Brexit supporters argue that EU threatens sovereignty and stifles growth, while opponents counter that EU membership strengthens trade, investment, and UK's standing in the world.. ..


Sterling languished just off four-month lows, with the outcome of European in UK seen emboldening proponents of Brexit as the battle to succeed Prime Minister Theresa May got under way.. ... The personalities may change and the complex issues linked to Brexit and Northern Ireland..


Conservatives are making mess of Brexit, and Labour Leadership continue to support them.. ... Liberal Democrats want to give the people the final say on Brexit deal. ..


Developers starting to bet big on London again despite Brexit.. London's office market has proven to be in the face of United Kingdom's vote to leave European Union, convincing many developers that it's time to break ground on new projects in the city, according to Bloomberg.. ..

brexit means brexit; local means local

Unfortunately, England and Wales's local elections this year will be referendum on Government's Brexit and Labour's failure to respect the result. ... Following on from result, she then pursued Brexit negotiations without preparing for no deal. ..

brexit? what brexit?

I say flawed, to choose staying in the union with the new package that David Cameron had ironed out, or leaving with Brexit package that was clear the same way Malta had voted on specific package to enter Union.. ..

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