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Ryanair, Europe's airline, confirmed on Friday that will delist from London Stock Exchange due to trading difficulties caused by Brexit. ..


Brexit destructive on Northern Ireland's politics, Martin says. Micheál Martin also defended how EU has handled the fallout over Northern Ireland Protocol, saying Commission proposed a generous and comprehensive set of changes to how goods are dealt with. ..


BRUSSELS — European Union's Brexit negotiator said Britain must accept the realities of Brexit and it was the.. ... British MPs on Wednesday voted to approve UK EU on post- Brexit trade and cooperation. ..

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#brexit fallout # brexit-fallout - Yesterday's News. # Brexit Fallout 'Window of opportunity to resolve post-Brexit trading issues, says NI First Minister. ... Fisheries is the major stumbling block to agreeing EU- UK trade deal... # brexit-fallout - Wednesday..

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Supported by the pro- Brexit and Murdoch Press, Boris Johnson's Brexit Painted-Bus proclaimed these lies and deceptions, what Chomsky once called Spectacular Achievements of Propaganda, won the day.. ... In the hallucinations of UK's conservatives, post- Brexit rule-based order..

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Brexit Talks Set to Resume GBP USD Extends Gains. Brexit talks are set to resume, headline that should not be surprise to many given the optimism, except enough to give Pound added push towards session highs. ... Keep in mind however, that mid-November had been highlighted as..

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The Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn espoused pro- EU for Brexit talks, remaining open to the movement of EU citizens and ruling out leaving the union without first reaching agreement on the future of EU- UK relations. ..


UK's flags action if EU does not drop its demand that Britain follows Brussels's rules after Brexit. 1581986640 By Oliver Wright, Bruno Waterfield... EU appears to have mocked Boris Johnson's claim Australian-style trade deal could be post- Brexit model for Britain. 1581492480 By Bruno..

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Boris Johnson and his Tory colleagues playing game that is doomed to fail where the twin threats of Covid and Brexit are concerned.. the message is that the economic and disaster caused by No Deal Brexit is to be attributed to the pandemic, while another message is that the country will be..

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