British campaign kicks off on no-Brexit day. By billionaires and tax dodgers, On Britain was supposed to have left European Union, voters instead faced the start of campaign, with Labour Jeremy Corbyn pledging to overthrow a rigged system he said was run. 4 37pm IST... ..


Brexit . Britain is facing up to one of the biggest and most complex challenges in the country’s history. ..

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Britain's Boris Johnson said on Monday that Brexit deal was beginning to emerge, and EU offered nothing to break the impasse... ... British on Friday approved bill which aims to block Brexit at the end of October by forcing Prime... ..

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Polling has shown that Conservatives who support Brexit are and being fine with the economic harm that, again, definitely by Brexiteers wo not happen anyway and, remarkably, would countenance the destruction of their own party to achieve that end, they would also accept the break-up of UK to..


No wonder the comissars are scared of Brexit, I dont think German taxpayers could take much more of this just to keep bunch of bureaucrats and failed politicians luxury. ..


Sterling languished just off four-month lows, with the outcome of European in UK seen emboldening proponents of Brexit as the battle to succeed Prime Minister Theresa May got under way.. ... The personalities may change and the complex issues linked to Brexit and Northern Ireland..


Brexit has led British banks, including Barclays Plc, to move jobs to Dublin, so Dilosk expects its next offering of securities to include more loans for upscale properties leased to financial professionals, .. ..

brexit means brexit; local means local

Unfortunately, England and Wales's local elections this year will be referendum on Government's Brexit and Labour's failure to respect the result. ... Following on from result, she then pursued Brexit negotiations without preparing for no deal. ..

brexit brinkmanship

While those who wish Brexit to be canceled were hoping that EU might agree to long delay to Brexit to allow for new elections Britain or even referendum, European Council appears to have scotched that hope. ... And it should remind MPs of the relationship between the actual risk of..

brexit? what brexit?

I say flawed, to choose staying in the union with the new package that David Cameron had ironed out, or leaving with Brexit package that was clear the same way Malta had voted on specific package to enter Union.. ..

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They have ratcheted up Project Fear to the point now of saying there will be food shortages and permanent supply fruit if Brexit occurs.. ... And yet, after another session of Parliament which Remainers were supposed to scuttle the entire process we Brexit moving steadily towards its..

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