crawl review

Crawl struggles little to find new twists, and it remains diverting enough creature feature even as it falls victim to its own need for speed.. Crawl is watchable if rarely all that thrilling. The movie's far from toothless, yet often substitutes easy scares for any substance, and..

crawl review

Deftly directed by Alexandre Aja, Crawl is perhaps more general audience-friendly romp from the director than even his gory and giddy remake of Piranha was. ... good chunk of Crawl takes place in the basement or crawlspace of Dave's home --. ..

peter rabbit

Peter Rabbit . 28:55 | #143 | TV-Y . The team chases the mischievous cottontail bunny, who is on the hunt for delicious vegetables. . . . ..

hustle and bustle returns to pm house

ISLAMABAD - Prime Minister House, wearing deserted look once again beamed with hustle and bustle as final touches to its renovation and spruce-up were still on to house Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman. ... But despite the security concerns, Prime Minister Imran Khan was adamant to..

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