UK ballot as it happened Boris Johnson succeeds Theresa May to become Britain's next PM. ... By months of turmoil over her country, Britain's top Australia, Vicki Treadell, has acknowledged the leadership and believes history gets the big calls right.. ..

art uk

Art UK has been referenced here previously i, ii, iii, and has not been the sole subject of FPP as far as I know.. posted by. ..


By series of suicide bombs on, UK Foreign Office has revised its travel advice for Sri Lanka to advise against except essential travel to the country after it was struck Easter Sunday... ... The bishop leading government review into persecution against Christians has claimed that UK's..

grim britain

When British people voted for Britain to quit EU, the thing should have been quite Britain quits EU. ... This article was posted on Monday, April 15th, 2019 at 7 11am and is filed under Brexit, Democracy, Empire, Jeremy Corbyn, Julian Assange, Proportional Representation, Switzerland,..

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I question whether U.K and EU will become political and economic rivals, as geography, history, financial interests, security concerns, and shared values will necessitate continued close in some form for the future. ..

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