chile protests resume as economy slows

free-market consensus has driven growth up, poverty down and won Chile Latin America's highest score on United Nations Human Development Index, blend of expectancy, education and income per capita.. And in 2010, Chile became Latin of Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development,..

manifestantes en chile amplían sus demandas

SANTIAGO, Chile  - El presidente Sebastián Piñera seguía el domingo detener las multitudinarias protestas en Chile en el décimo día de un estallido social que diario amplía sus exigencias, desde más ciclovías una nueva Constitución. ... El periodista Marcos Sepúlveda en..

the reality in chile

the people of Chile calling for reform, revolution, and end to Piñera regime.. He lived Santiago, Chile taught English in Cerro Navia, and worked on photography project documenting student protest. ..

chile: respect rights in protest response

Demonstrators run from police launching water canons and tear gas Chile, Sunday, Oct 20, 2019 ... We are concerned by the images of instances of police brutality coming out of Chile, said José Miguel Vivanco, Americas at Human Rights Watch.. ..

steak with chile-lime butter recipe

This steak with chile-lime butter is made using shabu-shabu style New York strip steak that's given sear and then smothered with tangy, smoky, butter mixed with paprika, ancho chile powder, and lime... ... Add 1 to 2 tablespoons of the chile lime butter to the skillet and flip..

chile fireballs 2019

Last week, number of unidentified objects soared across skies above Chiloe Island Southern Chile.. ... Last week, residents of the island of Chiloe in southern Chile were startled to see bright red objects streak across the sky. ..

nicolas massu: chile con magic

Athens 2004 Nicolas Massu: Chile con magic . Nicolas Massu made history during the Olympic Games in Athens in 2004. ... Tournaments and everything are very far from Chile, and from all of South America, not only from Chile. ..

magnitude 6.8 earthquake shakes chile

SANTIAGO, Chile — strong earthquake has hit off the coast of Chile, of damage or injury... Geological Survey says the magnitude 6.8 quake struck at 2 28 p.m Thursday and was centered 59 miles northwest of San Antonio, Chile, in the region of Valparaiso... ..

reigning champs chile thrash japan

Reigning champs Chile thrash Japan... 2 02... Two-time defending champion Chile opened its Copa America with 4-0 win over Japan, with Eduardo Vargas scoring pair of goals to become Chile's all-time leading in South American competition... ..

correction: chile-floating solar island story

SANTIAGO, Chile — In March about island of solar panels Chile, erroneously that the array is 1,200 square feet. SANTIAGO, Chile — island of solar panels is being tested Chile cornerstone of Andean economy that uses huge amounts of electricity and water.. ..

chile news — mercopress

Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay are to submit joint bid to host World Cup, Chile's President Sebastian Piñera announced on Thursday. ... The United Kingdom and Chile signed on Wednesday Santiago agreement that will British businesses and consumers benefitting from..

what really happened in chile

Martin Thomas Courtesy Reuters On September 9, 1973, I was eating lunch at Da Carla, Italian Santiago, Chile, when colleague joined my table and whispered in my ear. Chile was my first overseas assignment, and for spymaster, it was job. ..

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