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I think something else is necessary as well We need to look deeply at the legacy of Columbus and begin to own it. ... Not surprisingly, Donald Trump, U.S and leader of the country's white supremacists, prefers America, professing as much in proclamation he issued this year on Columbus..

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And yet Columbus secured the investment from Spanish king and queen, put his three-ship expedition into Atlantic and, few weeks later, changed history. While the worldwide Left wants to defenestrate Columbus, the fact is he's the man. ..

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Columbus Monument, as it once stood in Harbor East of Baltimore. By protesters and dragged into the harbor, The statue, one of three in the city honoring Columbus, was pulled 4.. ... He has written several books about explorers, including biographies of Marco Polo, Magellan, and..

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staggering fifth of countries globally are at risk of their ecosystems collapsing due to biodiversity and related beneficial services, said Swiss Re, one of the biggest reinsurers and linchpin of the insurance industry... ..

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Yet every year, on Monday of October, the US commemorates the anniversary of Columbus's in Americas on October 12, 1492. Columbus, Genoese explorer, was sailing under Spanish in hopes of colonizing the new world.. ..

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On October 12, 1492, Christopher Columbus discovered Americas and changed the course of world history forever.   ... According to Samuel Eliot Morison, Columbus's search parties on Guadeloupe found disturbing sight.. ..

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In the graphic displayed during Columbia's new Anti-Racism workshop, ing different forms of white supremacy listed celebration of Columbus Day as form of covert white supremacy.. .. Currently, Columbia University recognizes neither Columbus Day Indigenous People's Day, unlike four of its..

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Goalies Columbus, Eloy Room, Andrew Tarbell Cincinnati, Przemyslaw Tyton, Bobby Edwards.. Yellow Cards Van Werff, Cincinnati, Gyau, Cincinnati, 11th Artur, Columbus, 43rd Williams, Columbus, 74th Kubo, Cincinnati, 89th.. ..

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Columbus Ohio Real Estate & Homes for Sale . Follow me . By Real Estate Agent - Red 1 Realty - 2012003089 . . . ... I help home buyers and sellers buy and sell their Central Ohio home in Columbus Ohio and surrounding communities including Columbus, Westerville, Dublin, Hilliard,..

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Columbus was born Genoa of Italian parents in 1451, and it has been insisted that he was Spaniard, Catalan, or Jew of Portuguese or Catalan descent, that he was Catholic of Genoese origin. ... He had tower and fortress constructed out of the ship's timbers, and volunteers to man the settlement..

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