sarah sanders comments to reporters

2019-05-22T09 06 36-04 00 https images.c-span org Files 4e1 20190522090824013 hd.jpg White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders took questions from reporters about House Democrats investigations and demands for information about Mueller report.. ..

addison russell backs off critical comments

Addison Russell backs off critical comments of booing Cub fans. Cubs Addison Russell on Friday understood why fans booed him upon his return from suspension for violating MLB's violence policy... ... He insisted Friday that the comment was not meant to be critical of fans. ..

neeson profoundly apologises for comments

By throwaway remarks and ill, The comments and the reaction to them has spurred talk about our current zeitgeist where offering honest and candid answers on the record is becoming perilous as backlashes have been triggered-timed words without context.. ..

negative online comments

Negative Online Comments . Mar 31, 2019  |  by Emuna Braverman . . You’re in the swamp – be careful. . ... Comment on this Article . Share this article . . . . ..

youtube kills comments 03/04/2019

we've concluded that the comment sections on  NPR org stories are not providing useful experience for the majority of our users, wrote Scott Montgomery, former managing editor for digital news, in his 2016 farewell-to-comments address.. ... Over the week, we disabled..

video comments prompt boycott

video from YouTuber and report from Wired showed that pedophiles have made comments on innocuous videos of kids. YouTube says it disabled comments on tens of millions of videos and deleted offending accounts and channels.. ..

pazz & jop comments: ladies first

Thank You Your Service was the antidote to election season in 2016 Julien Baker's Turn Out Lights was my window into one woman's brutally beautifully honest attempt at trying to figure it all out when you're in your twenties. ..

facebook expanding downvote comments testing

November, Digital Trends reported that Facebook was testing different change to the comment system, ing auto comments that people could pick with one click of the button. That's the I had heard about changes to the comment feature until tonight, up on my Facebook today. ..

man reads youtube comments

Geoff Oldman, 65, of Minneapolis, was shocked today after reading the comments below video on YouTube. ... Mr Oldman then noticed that some people had left comments on the video, and curious to read them, he scrolled down.. ..

our comments policy

We do, however, include media sharing buttons that allow readers to comment on posts in fashion visible to their own Facebook friends or Twitter followers. ...  Comments take great of time to moderate, and that's time better spent on our part producing Lawfare... ..

comments about american heritage

Comments About American Heritage . . . . . . 8 years ago By . . Over the years, many prominent people have had nice things to say about American Heritage, which has been a familiar feature in the libraries of America’s leading thinkers and doers for over half a century. . ..

comments policy – mondoweiss

We want Mondoweiss to be place that everyone feels comfortable visiting, to read and comment, regardless of political perspective. ... Along with racism and sexism the prevalence of in the comments on the blog has forced people away. ..

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