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Responding to this week's court decision, LaDonna Brave Bull Allard, member of Standing Rock Sioux Tribe who hosted DAPL resistance camp on property along Cannonball River, said on Democracy Now.. There was lot of opposition to this, Donna Chavis, fossil fuel campaigner for Friends of Earth and..

rip democracy

As Laura Rosenberger, National Security Council under Obama who runs Alliance for Securing Democracy, put it, They would like us to see Russian under every bed... ..

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Commonwealth Legislation . Commonwealth Consolidated Regulations (AustLII) . ... Commonwealth Repealed Regulations (AustLII) . Commonwealth Bills Explanatory Memoranda 1959- (AustLII) . ..

open democracy

The Barón de Río Branco megaproject, conceived by Brazil's military dictatorship and given the go-ahead by the government, threatens Brazilian jungle and its Indigenous inhabitants... ..

gillibrand: democracy dollars 'democratize

What it does is it allows more people to participate in our democracy, on MSNBC.. ... Democracy Dollars as well, and they would have to forgo all donations north of $200 — the current donation limit is $2,800 for the primary and election cycles, respectively.. ..

you say democracy, i say republic

One of this age's great crank ideas, that U.S is a republic and not a democracy, is gaining so much ground that people Michigan trying to rewrite textbooks to get rid of the term democracy.. ... Republic was the popular word in the period, when the key question was..

democracy now!

Vanishing species, rising sea levels, devastating floods, and droughts are only some of the symptoms of rapidly changing world. ..


Hayek discuss Courts, Public Opinion and Unlimited Democracy. Posted Democracy Comments Off on Robert Bork & F. ... Posted Democracy Comments Off on working papers Dewey, Hayek, and Democracy... ..

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