green car congress

Fujitsu Limited and Toyota Systems Corporation launched instruction system at Toyota Motor Corporation's Tsutsumi plant leveraging Fujitsu's Quantum-Inspired Digital Annealer technology. ..

the pandemic congress

Congress came to close this week, as the chambers started to welcome the batch of legislators, tasked with advancing the interests and advocacies of their constituents nationwide  . ... Congress was also able to pass Public Health Emergency Benefits and Allowances for Health Care..

congress chintan shivir

With the absence of English of Udaipur Declaration on the day of Nav Sankalp chintan shivir raising questions, Congress functionaries were hard pressed to offer explanation on Monday.. ... Sources confirmed that English version was read out at the meeting of Congress Working Committee..

congresscongress and capitol hill

The White House has asked Congress for $32.5 billion pandemic relief and critical assistance to help Ukraine fight off Russian invasion, with $4.8 billion for Pentagon, as part of updated supplemental spending request... ... The White House told Congress it will need $6.4 in new funding..


While FBI abandoned its court case against Apple, the dispute of course still rumbles on Congress, with hearings today and proposed bill to force U.S tech companies to break encrypted devices on demand. ... Randall-punch-tim-cookAT&T CEO Randall Stephenson is the latest to weigh in on the issue..


Congress needs to address looming physician reimbursement cuts . Physicians are among the everyday heroes keeping our families healthy, our communities out of harm’s way, and our livelihoods protected during this pandemic. ... While debating ways to make innovation more affordable,..

conservatives stalk congress

Conservatives Stalk Congress . COMMENTARY Political Process . Conservatives Stalk Congress . ... President Obama has not only requested that Congress reauthorize this government-run “bank,” but has requested that it increase its lending to $140 billion in total authority. . ..

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