[opinion] a prayerful congress

But they pose greater difficulty for LGBTQ+ advocates, who hoping for a rainbow wave that would pass SOGIE Equality Bill in Congress.. ... From the chambers of Congress to the pews of the faithful, work must be done to counter the narrative that gay people are worse than animals.. ..

congress rejects fisa reform

Forty-seven organizations, including ACLU, Electronic Frontier Foundation, and FreedomWorks, urged Congress in June letter to pass the order to advance the privacy rights of people within United States.. ..


The Bucks County Congressman is tied for the third biggest shift in voting away from his party in comparison to his previous term in Congress. . . . ..

congress and tech expertise

Congress took significant step to bolster its brains as Kosar notes, OTA was also established to mirror President's Science Advisory Committee and thus counter the growing sense that Congress did not have the resources it needed to check the administration. ... That landmark case marked..

it’s up to congress

Some of them were with the help of Congress in passing the needed laws, including Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion, or TRAIN, and tariffication laws where lawmakers bucked populism and did the right thing.. ... Amendments to Foreign Investments Act, Department of Trade and Industry,..

time to abolish congress

In 1791, To take single step beyond the boundaries thus drawn around the powers of Congress, is to take possession of boundless field of power, no longer susceptible of any definition... ..

congress archives

joint inquiry is demanding that National Rifle Association Wayne LaPierre hand over internal documents showing whether NRA made illegal, excessive, and unreported in-kind donations to the campaigns of Donald Trump and GOP Senate candidates... ..

the fourth comintern congress

The emphasis during Fourth Congress on the government debate provides approach to the political position of the communist Left, and when the force of the working class is not mature enough to pose the question of workers power immediately. . ... From Seventh Congress onwards, Stalinist..

congress: going all in?

By moving beyond the family, There is view that is expressed by commentators that Congress would be better served, and that the induction of Priyanka will push the deeper into dynastic mode. ... The BJP is under pressure in 2019, and as all surveys, Congress is not quite the spent force it..

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