ifj world congress 2019, tunis

By the recent indictments filed by the, NUJ supported emergency motion brought to Congress highlighting the severe dangers to journalism posedUS government against Julian Assange. ... Séamus Dooley also used opportunity during debates of IFJ's gender council to remind delegates of the appalling..

congress: stop funding duterte

But most of all, solidarity with movements for democracy, human rights, and in Philippines, Congress must exercise its full powers of oversight to end the military aid and arms sales to Duterte's regime.. ..

congress is being punked

I'm going to send this essay to my representative, Madeleine Dean, and will emphasize the following question   Will 18 months of very public punking of the US Congress by US President turn the US Congress into punk. ... then Congress must wrestle with him in that mud to uphold..

uncertain air in congress

Barring any major hitches in the canvassing of votes, the composition of the two chambers of Congress and government units may be known in two weeks.. ... The incoming members of Congress may be made of better stuff, so we might still have set of lawmakers. ..

time to abolish congress

In 1791, To take single step beyond the boundaries thus drawn around the powers of Congress, is to take possession of boundless field of power, no longer susceptible of any definition... ..

how congress censored the internet

The history of SESTA FOSTA, is story about Congress failure to see that its good intentions can law. ... In all of Congress deliberations on SESTA, no one spoke to the experiences of the sex workers that the bill will push off of Internet and onto the dangerous streets. ..

open letter to congress

By creating secret court, For the record, Congress, you enabled the scam, Star Chamber, to spy on American citizens. ... Unless Congress does all that, they are not fooling anyone except themselves and morons. ..

congress archives

joint inquiry is demanding that National Rifle Association Wayne LaPierre hand over internal documents showing whether NRA made illegal, excessive, and unreported in-kind donations to the campaigns of Donald Trump and GOP Senate candidates... ..

the fourth comintern congress

The emphasis during Fourth Congress on the government debate provides approach to the political position of the communist Left, and when the force of the working class is not mature enough to pose the question of workers power immediately. . ... From Seventh Congress onwards, Stalinist..

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