a new revolution in cuba?

Trump administration strengthened the decades-old trade embargo and targeted Cuba's sources of currency. ... During Cold War, Cuba's status as outpost 100 miles from the US coast meant that Moscow invested in it. . ..

cuba – chicago boyz

It’s a documentary by a Cuban emigre who travels around Cuba and talks to people about food. ... This movie made me feel good about Cuba, which leads to another thought. ..

scenes from the cuba protests

Thousands took to the streets across Cuba this week, demanding food, electricity, medicine and just plain freedom.. ... She worked for magazine called El Estornudo, and left Cuba January.. ..

protests in cuba

With 139 deaths from Covid-19, Cuba places among the best performers in the hemisphere, miles ahead of the 1,871 deaths in United States. ... It's unclear who Biden thinks has been enriching themselves Cuba, and any criticism of Cuba that does not include thorough analysis of..

architecture from cuba

What lies beyond Revolutionary of Buicks parked in front of colorful, yet crumbling homes, is the deprivation that Cuba has experienced throughout history... Courtesy of Iwo Borkowicz The of Caribbean islands, Cuba is cultural melting pot of over million people, combining Taíno and..

cuba: clampdown on artists, journalists

Singing song that the government does not like, ing the news independently, is enough to get you detained Cuba, said José Miguel Vivanco, Americas at Human Rights Watch.. ... Officials involved in the abuses include members of the intelligence services, known Cuba as state security,..

cuba during the missile crisis

There were not enough pilots Cuba, even including the ones with flight training in Soviet Union, to complete MiG-15 and MiG-19 squadrons we now had.. Any lingering doubt at Cuba's extreme western tip, del Pino recalls in his memoir.. ..

cuba · global voices

Periodismo de Barrio launches special report on the effects of drought on Cuba... ... There is no way for United States to provide internet access to Cuba without authorization by Cuban government... ..


By Kathy Durkin December 11, 2020 Socialist Cuba embodies the spirit of solidarity by its constant medical... ..

the mali-cuba connection

Mali- Cuba Connection begins in 1964 at the height of Cold War, when ten young, promising musicians from Mali, Africa, were invited to Cuba to study music and strengthen cultural links between the socialist regimes. Boncana Maïga accepted the offer and became performer and producer and..

cuba and anti-imperialism

Cuba's political and military Africa also had significant effect on the power relations between Cuba and USSR. ... After 1989, the collapse of USSR and the serious economic crisis that it provoked Cuba strengthened the pragmatism of Cuba's policy to such degree that..

birds of cuba

Book... summary • The first photographic field guide for the birds of Cuba • Includes all 378 recorded species • Updated status and distribution taxonomy. ... By notes on world range and status in, Each species account includes map showing distribution on the island and is accompanied..

cuba after communism

It's perhaps unsurprising, then, that Cuba's ongoing changes do not resemble the scenario envisioned in Helms-Burton legislation. the president and Castro's designated successor, Cuba has made progress on the issues that are easiest to solve, but what is left are the important choices that..

cuba libre

By the stubborn peoples of Cuba's miraculous survival  and Venezuelan breakthrough were made possible, to not discountable extent, Middle East, for theirs was the area the US imperialists planned to take over after their in Eastern Europe. ... In Kiev, pro-American president tried to vote..

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