give guantanamo back to cuba

Upon winning the war, U.S took control of Cuba, Philippines, Guam, and Puerto Rico. in 1934 U.S officials forced Cubans to accept modification of the lease that enabled the Empire to pay Cuba $4,000 U.S., amount that, needless to say, has decreased in value over the decades owing to..

america's cuba conundrum

None knew of any similar experiences afflicting their officials in Cuba. ... The noises she heard were unlike what the initial group of sickened officials in Cuba reported. ..

a russian destroyer visits cuba

Russian guided Admiral Gorshkov arrived Cuba with small group of support vessels last week as relations between the US and Russia reached their lowest point in decades. ... The report goes on to suggest that the action was meant to further build ties between Cuba and Russia. ..

mexico 7, cuba 0

hat trick from source,  LA Galaxy winger Uriel Antuna, paced Mexico to 7-0 cruise over Cuba in Group A at Concacaf Gold Cup on Saturday at Rose Bowl Pasadena, Calif.. ..

cuba feliz

The documentary road film Cuba Feliz follows Miguel Del Morales. El Gallo from Havana around Cuba and back again, and is directed by Karim Dridi. ... Every I show Cuba Feliz as kind of come-down after the second film on at least one day of Werner Herzog Uptown Film Festival...

a cardinal in cuba

still shackled Church Cuba was re-emerging in Cuban society, following 'National Meeting of the Faithful in 1986, presided by Argentine Servant of God Cardinal Eduardo Francisco Pironio. . ... The cardinal visited Cuba again in 1992 and 1994 and the motive was humanitarian one, as the..

cuba during the missile crisis

There were not enough pilots Cuba, even including the ones with flight training in Soviet Union, to complete MiG-15 and MiG-19 squadrons we now had.. Any lingering doubt at Cuba's extreme western tip, del Pino recalls in his memoir.. ..

trump halts mlb-cuba deal

Trump halts MLB-Cuba deal . Associated Press . . . HAVANA – The Trump administration is moving to end a deal allowing Cuban baseball players to sign contracts directly with Major League Baseball organizations, a change that appears to once again require Cuban players to cut ties with their national..

cuba says yes to new constitution › cuba

Cuba says YES to new Constitution . National Electoral Commission President Alina Balseiro Gutiérrez, in a press conference yesterday, confirmed preliminary results of the referendum indicating approval of the new Constitution with 86.85% of the votes cast . ..


poco más de un año del impacto del Huracán Irma en la de Cuba, un tornado de gran intensidad golpeó con fuerza cinco municipios de La Habana la noche del 27 de enero. ... El Gobierno de República Bolivariana de Venezuela envió Cuba un cargamento con materiales de construcción y..

cuba and anti-imperialism

Cuba's political and military Africa also had significant effect on the power relations between Cuba and USSR. ... After 1989, the collapse of USSR and the serious economic crisis that it provoked Cuba strengthened the pragmatism of Cuba's policy to such degree that..

uk in cuba

26th January 2016 Havana, Cuba . . Dr Judith Harvey . Director, Cuba Medical Link . . . . Health services everywhere are under pressure, so perhaps there are lessons to be learned from Cuba, where, to quote Cubans, “We are a poor people but we die of rich people’s diseases.” ..

cuba libre

By the stubborn peoples of Cuba's miraculous survival  and Venezuelan breakthrough were made possible, to not discountable extent, Middle East, for theirs was the area the US imperialists planned to take over after their in Eastern Europe. ... In Kiev, pro-American president tried to vote..

cuba feliz – variety

Thumbing his way across the country with only his guitar for luggage, El Gallo travels through Santiago de Cuba, Guantanamo, Camaguey and Trinidad. Scenes in which Juan jams with and draws inspiration from celebrated trumpet Peppe Vaillant also point up how music eliminates many of the dividing..

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