trump declares economic war on cuba

small and community stands to benefit from Title III Cuba's former one percenters - members of the upper class that owned all the land and Cuba to Cuban Revolution.. ... and if U.S and foreign firms hesitate to enter into new commercial relations with Cuba for fear of incurring..

cuba taps google to improve internet

HAVANA Cuba and Google signed Thursday moving the island one step closer to having connection to the modern internet.. ... We are excited to have reached this memorandum for the benefit of internet users here Cuba, Brett Perlmutter, the head of Google Cuba, said before signing..

cuba meteor seen from the air

On February 1, 2019, asteroid thought to be the size of van disintegrated over Viñales, Cuba.  ... The path flew very close to the trajectory, some characteristics that confirm it's the same smoke trail seen from Cuba.. ..


poco más de un año del impacto del Huracán Irma en la de Cuba, un tornado de gran intensidad golpeó con fuerza cinco municipios de La Habana la noche del 27 de enero. ... El Gobierno de República Bolivariana de Venezuela envió Cuba un cargamento con materiales de construcción y..

the cuba-nization of venezuela policy

The moment reflects the success White House has had reshaping Venezuela with eye toward Cuba, or as some put it, the. ... Benjamin Gedan, said Venezuela offers the administration opportunity to highlight Cuba's nefarious impacts on the region, including Cuba's role monitoring and..

cuba and anti-imperialism

Cuba's political and military Africa also had significant effect on the power relations between Cuba and USSR. ... After 1989, the collapse of USSR and the serious economic crisis that it provoked Cuba strengthened the pragmatism of Cuba's policy to such degree that..

cuba, che, and soviet influence

Miguel Díaz-Canel serves as president of Cuba. Both men have been adamant that Cuba’s Stalinist political and economic system is not negotiable.  . ... In Cuba, Castro wanted nothing to do with liberalization of his politics. ..

communist cuba seeks improved governance

Cuba is on the verge of the most dramatic restructuring of its in decades as criticism and frustration with economy and bureaucracy mount... HAVANA Cuba is on the verge of the most dramatic restructuring of its in decades as criticism and frustration with economy and bureaucracy mount.. ..

cuba: trump turns the vise

Ma Zhaoxu, China's permanent to United Nations stated that the blockade is contrary to the principle of United Nations Charter and cause huge financial and economic damage for Cuba and hinders Cuba's ability to achieve Sustainable Development Goals... For Cuban people it will be case of..

escape from cuba

Two men who fled Cuba as children seek to find those who helped them settle in United States. Nelson left Cuba in 1961 while Juan looks for the shrimp boat captain. ..

cuba launches mobile internet service - xinhua

HAVANA, Dec -- Highly anticipated internet service has been launched for the very first Cuba on Thursday.. ... Cuba has total of 11.2 million inhabitants and 5.3 mobile lines.. Up to now, average Cubans could access the internet through 1,200 Wi-Fi hotspots set up in public places and..

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