cuba during the missile crisis

There were not enough pilots Cuba, even including the ones with flight training in Soviet Union, to complete MiG-15 and MiG-19 squadrons we now had.. Any lingering doubt at Cuba's extreme western tip, del Pino recalls in his memoir.. ..

blondie tour heads to cuba – variety

The trip will feature two concerts from the band, along with performances and demonstrations from some of Cuba's biggest artists, dancers, and musicians. ... Cuba, remains destination to visit. Blondie has partnered with the company, Dreamcatcher Events, to lead a cultural exchange. ..

cuba: a perfect family destination

READ MORE * My heart is Havana * Get down to Malecón - the largest sofa Havana, Cuba * Cuba classic cars, cigars, cocktails and contradictions 123RF. I had read the missile crisis, Guantanamo, casas particulares, Cuba Libre cocktails, Buena Vista Social Club - before arriving..

where is cuba headed?

Again, that's illegal under American law, and there has always been section of American establishment that thinks it's important to provide money to private enterprises Cuba to the extent that it can enter the island. ... There is matter of principle here The United States has no right to in the..

redefining socialism in cuba

According to Cuban Roberto Pérez, Cuba established the foundation for more ecologically sustainable society more especially the land and the minerals, this was the base for sustainability. ... Elias Carranza, UN for Prevention of Crime and Treatment of Offenders Institute, declared..

U.S. eases Cuba travel advisory

State Department advised Americans not to travel to Cuba, it has downgraded its travel advisory for the island to Level, recommendation that advises exercising more caution when visiting Cuba.. ... While United States has holds Cuba responsible for not protecting its diplomats..

Less-Communist Cuba

Instead of saying that communism is the purpose of the state, Cuba will now say that socialism is the basis of the economy.. ... I New York, Bill de Blasio, was so enamored of Cuba that he honeymooned there.. ..

us interest in cuba business fades

Dismal is how John Kavulich, president of U.S.- Cuba Trade and Economic Council, describes both the level of interest by U.S businesses Cuba and the current investment climate.. ... Rodrigo Malmierca, Cuba's of foreign trade and investment, said 2,500 business executives, about..

trump's rollback on cuba

Cuba deal was what some Miami hoped for, Trump's announcement on Friday falls short important ways. ... For starters, the president has eliminated the ability of Americans to travel to Cuba independently on self-guided people-to-people educational exchanges, and also served as kind of..

cuba gooding sr. dead at 72

Singer Cuba Gooding Sr., father of Oscar Cuba Gooding Jr., was found in his car on Thursday, reports TMZ. ... He is survived by his Shirley and four children, Cuba, Omar, April and Tommy... ..

cuba puts castro to rest

SANTIAGO de CUBA — Bringing to end nine days of national mourning, the ashes of Fidel Castro were buried Sunday morning in in this coastal city where, 63 years ago, he began his socialist revolution.. ... This is undefeated Fidel, yes, we could yes, we can and yes, we will be able to overcome..

., cuba to reopen embassies

Alain Darcout, Cuban and doctor who advocates for LGBT rights on Communist island, told Washington Blade he feels full diplomatic relations between U.S and Cuba will benefit both countries. ... Cristal, transgender woman from Havana who is member of the Trans Network of Cuba, holds..

in cuba « lrb blog

series of editorials in New York Times had called for the release of Cubans and of Alan Gross for better relations in the light of Cuba's part in the fight against Ebola West Africa and for the end of the embargo. ... People grumble about the problems of day-to-day Cuba wage levels, the..

travel to cuba, fame not required

While travel to Cuba has come long way recently, not everyone can visit as easily as Beyonce and Jay-Z. Still, even for super stars, travel to Cuba is not like buying ticket from New York to Chicago and there are few hoops to jump through. ..

oas votes to readmit cuba

US Fails to Net Specific Preconditions, But Text Requres Cuba to Comply With OAS Practices. ... Cuba was one of OAS members in 1948, and amid pressure from the US was expelled in 1962. ..

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