the covid crisis cuomo created

Andrew Cuomo, who found in the midst of fighting COVID-19 pandemic to write book entitled. ... I do not know how many more people would be alive if Cuomo and his team had taken different approach to returning nursing home residents in the midst of high-stakes and fast-moving circumstance...

resign, andrew cuomo

The scandal really blew up whenthe New York Post reported comments from Cuomo's top Melissa DeRosa, seemingly admitting they had faked the numbers as part of cover-up. Cover-ups and squabbling aside, the truth is that Cuomo has bungled the pandemic basically from the jump. ..

watch live: cuomo to deliver budget address

WATCH LIVE Cuomo to budget address... Published Jan 19, 2021 at 9 58 AM EST Updated 51 minutes ago... ... For months, Cuomo has blamed President Trump and Republicans for siphoning away revenue from New York and distributing it to other states. ..

cuomo threatens to close churches, synagogues

By the rules and advocate compliance, Toward the end of the press conference, Cuomo would be meeting with Orthodox on Tuesday to see if they will agree to live and abide.. ... Fox News opinion host Tucker Carlson played clip of Cuomo's comments from Monday's press conference on his show..

rivers cuomo memoirs

We hear that bottomfeedy lit agent David Vigliano is shopping Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo's journals, started out world-changingly awesome and then became so lame they make Pete Wentz seem profound... ..

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