a winning issue for democrats

This article will consider the seriousness of climate threats and why they are likely to soon become far more severe, Republican about the threats, and how Democrats can exploit the discrepancy as potentially decisive issue.. ..

republicans & democrats both buy teslas

According to a CNN article published few months ago, Tesla owners are nearly split among Democrats and Republicans, with slight weight on Democratic side. The author opened his article by saying Elon Musk had trained his Twitter guns on Democrats and was also going after President Biden. ..

democrats split over ethics probe

Prinn Panitchpakdi leader of Democrat Party, arrives at Lumphini police Bangkok to report to police on Saturday morning after he was accused of sexually abusing women.. ... In another Line group chat of Democrat MPs and former party MPs with 155 members, Democrat MP for Trang..


Democrats President Biden Budget Shrinks by Trillions. Time to reevaluate why we needed the Down Ballot Democrat Strategy. ... Democrats Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee Reacts to Texas Republicans Carving Up Her District: ‘Racial Gerrymandering’ [VIDEO] . ..

liberals, new democrats reach agreement

OTTAWA - The Liberals and New Democrats have reached an agreement that would see the opposition party support Justin Trudeau's minority government through to 2025. . ... 'I'm a New Democrat, I'm not a Liberal,' Singh said. 'I don't want to be a part of the Liberal government. ..

democrats launch child care push

Maryland's House and Senate Democrats unveiled roughly $100 million package Thursday they said in virtual press conference was designed to shore up child care system ravaged by the pandemic.. ... Katie Fry Hester, Howard County Democrat, could lose third of its childcare facilities if..

democrats’ civil war

Given Democrats decades-long stranglehold on Legislature, you'd be forgiven for thinking the party was well-organized unified front they are not. ... There has long been rivalry between North and South Jersey Democrats. ..

democrats have alienated hispanic voters

gotoUrl=https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/democrats-have-alienated-hispanic-voters-td09vrg85' class='GlobalMenu-mobileLink GlobalMenu-parentLink GlobalMenu-parentLink--logIn js-tracking'>Log in . ... Democrats have alienated Hispanic voters . A shift towards the Republicans shows this..

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