democrats can't hide crazy

The best thing that ever happened to Trump was Democrats taking House. . ... And let's not forget that Virginia governor and his fellow Democrats tried to pass bill allowing third-trimester abortions. ..

the virginia democrats’ minstrel show

Rice's theatrical descendants governing Commonwealth of Virginia, as both Democrat Governor Ralph Northam and Democrat Attorney General Mark Herring have been exposed appearing in blackface during the 1980s.. ... Democrats Northam and Herring have both made careers accusing..

two democrats file for council

Nancy Hoover Two Democrats file for council. Two Democrats who have never held office have filed for Columbus City Council seats.. ... Friday will be the day for Republican or Democrat to file declaration of candidacy to run in the primary... ..

have the democrats evolved?

it's hard to believe that Democrats once branded themselves as the party of the people. ... With third parties off the table given American electoral system and little prospect for movement, the most that can be done is to strip away Democrats precious sense of their own probity — to..

bad democrats

Glenn Greenwald writes about this at Intercept, Democrats, Ongoing, and Trump, Dangerous Refusal to Learn the Lesson of Brexit, The fact is that prevailing institutions of in West, for decades, have and with complete indifference stomped on the welfare and security of hundreds of millions of..

open border democrats

Democrats have come clean with their intent to confiscate all guns and destroy Second Amendment, so it's about time they also come clean on their open-border, one-world dream.. ..

democrats taking control

I fear for this country if Democrats with socialist ideas go further to gain control.. The media are very liberal leaning, omitting stories favorable to conservatives and slanting stories to Democrats. ..

liberal democrats

Do you want to be updated by email about Liberal Democrats campaigns and ways to get involved... If you submit this form, Liberal Democrats, locally nationally, ation submitted, including your political views, to further our objectives, share it with our elected representatives and..

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