18 angry democrats

I was bit bemused and perplexed by AB's belief that this was Democrats strategy and that I agreed with that strategy. ... If Democrats are thinking that Mueller testimony is the bullet that's nuts. ..

democrats go wild

Obamacare plan was challenged by Republicans who successfully sought to remove its mandate, philosophically by Democrats pushing for single-payer system. ... It was ago that Democrats expression that has fallen out of favor on the left, to communicate their commitment to enforcing law..

the democrats’ fanaticism

Democrats, the media, and their sympathizers around the world were so sure that Special Counsel Robert Mueller's report would end Donald Trump's presidency that they are still in denial that it won't.. ... The demands for impeachment from Democrat presidential candidates and other Dem..


Jonathan Mark also said that Democrats of Israel are looking for blood and the pro- Israel side employs too much nuance and he wishes Ilhan Omar had not apologized for saying that Congress supports Israel because of money.. ..

the democrats' dilemma

year from now, the 2020 primaries will be underway, with perhaps two Democrats jockeying to take on President Trump. ... they will be betting that Trump is so unpopular that virtually any Democrat could beat him — so why not take giant steps toward democratic socialism.. ..

democrats' leftward march

Call it what you will, and number of Democrats, in lockstep with Planned Parenthood, support it.. ... Who knew Democrats could make Donald Trump, president, appear mainstream.. ..

bad democrats

Glenn Greenwald writes about this at Intercept, Democrats, Ongoing, and Trump, Dangerous Refusal to Learn the Lesson of Brexit, The fact is that prevailing institutions of in West, for decades, have and with complete indifference stomped on the welfare and security of hundreds of millions of..

open border democrats

Democrats have come clean with their intent to confiscate all guns and destroy Second Amendment, so it's about time they also come clean on their open-border, one-world dream.. ..

democrats taking control

I fear for this country if Democrats with socialist ideas go further to gain control.. The media are very liberal leaning, omitting stories favorable to conservatives and slanting stories to Democrats. ..

liberal democrats

Do you want to be updated by email about Liberal Democrats campaigns and ways to get involved... If you submit this form, Liberal Democrats, locally nationally, ation submitted, including your political views, to further our objectives, share it with our elected representatives and..

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