shelter approach leaves democrats divided

House and Senate Democrats downplayed the obstacles of moving their stalled budget with shelter system funding during upcoming informal sessions, ing fundamental disagreements about legislative goals and being unable to rally around single approach in timely manner.. Peter Durant just made the..

florida tests democrats' 2024 resolve

More immediately, with Florida Democrats attempting to mitigate recruitment and fundraising concerns, Jewett, of University of Central Florida, underscored how the party could create self-fulfilling prophecy in the state... ... Simultaneously, Democrats hoping ballot Florida could help..

democrats need my opinion asap!

That's why I'm holding strategy interviews with the very best, most engaged Democrats, and I've selected you to represent Maryland -- and time's running out before the interview closes, and I do not see your response. ... Democrats, it's that you're scum and should be ashamed of..

democrats helping trump's 2024 campaign?

Democrats have made no effort to convert Trump diehards flyover country conservatives who hold traditional views of God, country, family. ... Some see this as Democrats plan to strengthen Trump in the primaries because they is the candidate they can beat. ..

montana democrats call for special session

The office appeared to reject the request while lambasting Democrats on Thursday for opposing Republican proposals during the session. ... The proposal accompanying Democrats to Gianforte would cut the residential tax rate from 1.35% of market value to 0.94%. ..

why do democrats despise women?

That's the price of the transgender revolution that radical Democrats, fighting at every turn to impose.. Remember when, Democrats began accusing Republicans of waging a war on women because of pro-life legislation they were proposing.. ..

house democrats release bank reform bills

Maxine Waters, Democrat from California and ranking member of House Financial Services Committee, during hearing on China's economic threats, Washington, D.C., Feb 7, 2023.. ... Waters urged Republicans to follow the lead of Senate Banking Committee and work with Democrats to advance..