democrats nominate municipal candidates

The session was uneventful except for former Rob Simmelkjaer asking Lebowitz why he is voter rather than Democrat. Lebowitz replied that he caucuses with Democrats and feels being independent allows him to be free of partisan tribalism.. ..

democrats lead in membership

Eighty-six political parties remained operational as of July 5, with 888,106 members in total, led by Democrat and Future Forward parties.. ... Democrat Party had the membership base, followed by Future Forward, Bhumjaithai, Palang Pracharath, Pheu Thai, Chartthaipattana, Pheu Chart and..

democrats shut out

Democrat Abhisit Keeping the cash machine for only yourself not fair... ... In the foreground, Democrat Abhisit laments that the money and influence of these business groups are shutting him out of power.].. ..

the democrats' trump

By the perceptions of the political press and political junkies, Now I think the perceptions of the base have been distorted, and the way the Extremely Offline Democrats have been reacting is very different from the way that Extremely Offline Republicans were.. ... You loathe Obama's tenure and..

18 angry democrats

I was bit bemused and perplexed by AB's belief that this was Democrats strategy and that I agreed with that strategy. ... If Democrats are thinking that Mueller testimony is the bullet that's nuts. ..

free advice for democrats

Specifically, Democrats, because Republicans have been replaced by the Party of Protect Trump. The only thing that is needed now is for Democrats to care more about their constitutional duties than political polling and winning election ( I'm all for additional investigations — hello,..

democrats! – gopusa

Liberal Democrats are nothing but hateful self-righteous enemies of the U.S.A.. . ... Democrat Jerrold Nadler: Religious rights must bow to LGBT . . Raving leftwinger goes after elderly MAGA hat wearer, brags about it on social media . ..

letter: democrats are unbelievable

I ca not believe these Democrats Congress. Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his team could find no evidence of collusion by Trump with Russians, and Democrats still think there is something there that Attorney General William Barr is hiding.. ... Maybe one of these days..

democrats go wild

Obamacare plan was challenged by Republicans who successfully sought to remove its mandate, philosophically by Democrats pushing for single-payer system. ... It was ago that Democrats expression that has fallen out of favor on the left, to communicate their commitment to enforcing law..


Jonathan Mark also said that Democrats of Israel are looking for blood and the pro- Israel side employs too much nuance and he wishes Ilhan Omar had not apologized for saying that Congress supports Israel because of money.. ..

democrats' leftward march

Call it what you will, and number of Democrats, in lockstep with Planned Parenthood, support it.. ... Who knew Democrats could make Donald Trump, president, appear mainstream.. ..

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