looming questions for the democrats

Certainly, his favored candidates lost several high-profile races that might have been winnable, like Pennsylvania Senate seat that Democrat John Fetterman won over Mehmet Oz, and Arizona and Senate races, where Republican candidates embraced Trumpist lies and election denialism.. ... In Texas,..


Democrats Democrats Have Enough Votes to Pass HR40 Bill to 'Study Reparations for Black Americans. *More it now has enough Democrat votes in U.S. Sheila Cherfilus-McCormick has made history as Haitian-American woman to represent Democratic 20th District Florida. ..

the challenge for democrats

Democrats became the party of many social and cultural causes, while Republicans became the party exploiting the fears of white voters. ... The challenge for Democrats is to recognize that this is bigger than Trump — and more than the social and cultural issues upon. ..

sweden democrats

Sweden Democrats, with 20.5% of the votes and 73 seats, have emerged. ... Back then, however, the dominant public opinion, was allowing Social Democrats to return to power. ..

franks: socialists & democrats

Government of health care has always been aspiration of Bernie Sanders wing of Democrat Party as Sanders is Socialist.. It was unprecedented act, as it's not the role of Democrats to pick Republican members of committee.. ..

democrats sure are ‘historic!’

By the media to discuss anything, In most cases, the word used Democrats do and most things Democrats are is historic.. ... Having proven wildly unpopular, even among Democrats, she was chosen to be Joe Biden's running mate because she checked all the boxes he would check on..

thanks from the democrats

The sign reads Democrat Party Thank you all for your votes. It will drive us to move forward to continue to work immediately... ... One Response to Thanks from Democrats. Learn how your comment data is processed... ..

social democrats · thejournal.ie

Sinn Féin, Social Democrats and Labour have called for inquiry into the issue, 2021. # Party Meeting # Party Meeting Social Democrats have 'no desire to merge with Labour Party. ... Social Democrats jumped from two TDs to six in the general election... #..

democrats’ civil war

Given Democrats decades-long stranglehold on Legislature, you'd be forgiven for thinking the party was well-organized unified front they are not. ... There has long been rivalry between North and South Jersey Democrats. ..

democrats scale back ambitions

After two strikeouts, do not expect Senate Democrats to swing for the fences again, ... ... Sure, Democrats will try to revive their signature domestic spending bill, and they say they will keep fighting for election reform. ..

democrats’ democracy delusions

Democrats and the media impeach him, prosecute him, or just wish him away with interpretation of Amendment that presupposed Mike Pence was then they were. ... It's big a sk of weary voting block because ) it's untrue, b ) the only evidence for it lies in made-up retelling of Capitol riot, and c..

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