bad democrats

The filibuster has always stood in the way of racial progress, whether employed by Southern Democrats of Jim Crow or Republican Party after major shift in the stance on equality. ... They believe that anything any Democrat does to help working people, the general public and society in..

social democrats are not socialists

Social Democrats are not socialists PennLive letters. My biggest pet-peeve in the world of politics is that lot of political conservatives constantly refer to Democrats, liberals, and progressives as being socialists when they know that they are not. Social Democrats who do not..

democrats assail georgia law

Democrats on Friday seized on new voting restrictions Georgia to focus attention on the fight to overhaul election laws, setting up standoff that carries echoes of the civil rights battles of half-century ago.. ... Behind the chorus of outrage, Democrats are also wrestling with the..

bloomberg bails out florida democrats

Buoyed by large donations from New York City Michael Bloomberg and South Florida health care executive, Florida Democrats have stabilized their finances and are poised to move ahead with ambitious plans to expand their operations ahead of the 2022 elections... ..

the democrats are catching on

Democrats catching on Sheneman. The trillion stimulus package is the most legislation passed by Congress in years. ... If that continues to be Democrats should exploit the blind spot to pass legislation every chance they get... ..

democrats will only tinker

the US election process is in the hands of Democrats and Republicans. ... Stacey Abrams, Democrat in Georgia House of Representatives, has written in Washington Post for reform to protect in light of the events of January. ..

hypocritical democrats

The media mob and Democrats mocked when mob led by Black Lives Matter protesters attempted to storm White House and the President had to be evacuated. as their supporters did, in several restaurants and public places, there was no condemnation of these actions by Democrats.. ..

the democrats’ real enemy

It also got us wondering When is the time Democrat had harsh words like that for one of America's actual foes.. ... We struggle to think of any in which Democrats have offered harsh word for those fuckers. ..

article: anti-union democrats

Democrats will forge new social and economic contract with American peoplea contract that guarantees the right to join or form union. - 2020 Democratic Platform. ... The seven seats on LAUSD School Board are all held by Democrats and starting with their next meeting, the loyalty of the..

biden won — democrats lost

Thanks to Biden's Pyrrhic, Democrats in House and in state legislatures around the nation were ruined in 2020. ... In their Herculean efforts to help Biden win, Democrats and the media lost American people. ..

democrats encircled

[Man on the left is former Secretary of Democrat Party, Suthep Thuaksuban. ... The Democrats thought they finished off Thaksin influence, and Pheu Thai Party, directed by Thaksin, was elected and began series of motivated legal cases targeting Democrat Party leaders.. ..

the democrats’ mental problem

And of course no mention in Democrat convention that the crimes of these Biden supporters were taking place, significantly, in dozens of Democrat-run cities, including Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Houston, Kenosha, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York City, Phoenix,..

democrats sure hate america

You have not heard it, it serves no political purpose for Democrats to out, it. ... It's also coincidence that Michelle Obama, on tape from mansion on Martha's Vineyard, told the public this horrible country is place where list of innocent people of color continue to be murdered and she was not..

democrats challenge miller candidacy

Instead, Democrats want decision on whether Miller has been eligible to sit on the council over the last four years, and whether his name should be on the ballot this fall, .   . It was the board's refusal to investigate the matter that, left Democrats no choice except to file the..

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