democrats are usurping county offices

Going back 24 years, Democrat county commissioners representing District 3 have yet to win majority of the in that district that includes Bayfield, Ignacio and Vallecito.. ... Democrat-controlled House killed it. The only two La Plata County residents testifying against the measure..

democrats' delay tactics

It was unfair to Kavanaugh, unfair to his accuser and unfair to Feinstein's colleagues -- Democrats and Republicans alike -- on Senate Judiciary Committee. By waiting and adding that she would be honoring the Feinstein, California Democrat, took the worst course's requested..

democrats are spartacus?

Cory Booker was willing to violate Senate rules and release confidential documents, Senate Democrats on the committee appeared in open revolt as Sen. ... I stand Judiciary Committee Democrats who are well within their rights to release these very important documents that Kavanaugh deputy..

the liberaltarian democrats

Again, as Politico piece quoted above does, the resistance to even gun control measures among many swing-state Democrats seems like the exception to Obama-era party's leftward shifts on marriage, immigration, and recreational drugs. But it's all perfectly consistent ,  and indication that..

swedish democrats

Social Democrats and Christian Democrats in most countries have lost their supremacy as leading parties capable of polling well and even forming majority governments. ... Polling at 20% in the latest surveys, SD remain around 5% below Social Democrats.. ..

Article: Democrats - Take Charge!

Democratic party potentially consists also of corporate and financial interests, traditional democrats of Jeffersonian, populist groups fighting for economic and equality, the majority of the intelligentsia, and the majority of urban constituents suffering from poverty and discrimination of various..

Shame on Democrats

Shame on Democrats shame, shame, shame.. I believe the liberals would rather see this country fail during this administration than see the country become great again. ..

have the democrats evolved?

it's hard to believe that Democrats once branded themselves as the party of the people. ... With third parties off the table given American electoral system and little prospect for movement, the most that can be done is to strip away Democrats precious sense of their own probity — to..

democrats abroad « lrb blog

Democrats Abroad . M.G. Zimeta 2 March 2016 . Tags: us presidential election 2016 . ... He was the best recruitment tool we ever had – people joined the Democrats from all around the world.’ . ..

democrats vs republicans -- differences

Now, certainly, not all Democrats are saints, and our political system is drugged up on money and corrupt lobbyists more than is good for the public, except in every race I examine, and every congressional bill I follow, Democrats are overwhelmingly more focused on helping the public as..

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