hypocritical democrats

The media mob and Democrats mocked when mob led by Black Lives Matter protesters attempted to storm White House and the President had to be evacuated. as their supporters did, in several restaurants and public places, there was no condemnation of these actions by Democrats.. ..

democrats plan lightning trump impeachment

Democrats Congress laid plans on Friday for the impeachment of Donald Trump, demanding immediate action to ensure the unhinged president cannot add to the damage they say he has inflicted, or even ignite in his final days in office.. ... In Congress, Democrats are unwilling to take..

austerity, democrats and the state

The decision by House Democrats to make exceptions to their PAYGO Rule for Green New Deal and Medicare for All ahead of Georgia runoffs that swayed Joe Biden in his pandemic check reversal raises the question of motives. Reasons to be skeptical of the intentions of House Democrats..

the democrats’ real enemy

It also got us wondering When is the time Democrat had harsh words like that for one of America's actual foes.. ... We struggle to think of any in which Democrats have offered harsh word for those fuckers. ..

the democrats’ coup 3.0

Loyal, Democrat voters, conditioned to regard Trump as that racist, homophobic, xenophobic clown” in White House, must be jubilant at the prospect of being rid of him—never imagining that they’ve inadvertently just voted away their favor of Marxist dystopia austerity, enslavement, and misery for..

democrats blew it

In states such as Virginia, Nevada and Maine, Democrats have clawed back power, that send larger delegations to House.. ... Democrats failed in key suburban districts in key states across the country, Austin Chambers, head of Republican State Leadership Committee, ers on Wednesday,..

democrats encircled

[Man on the left is former Secretary of Democrat Party, Suthep Thuaksuban. ... The Democrats thought they finished off Thaksin influence, and Pheu Thai Party, directed by Thaksin, was elected and began series of motivated legal cases targeting Democrat Party leaders.. ..

the democrats walk of shame

While she has struck many Americans impartial, and sympathetic judge, Democrats have come across as small-minded political hacks. By turning the hearings into perp walk, If Democrats thought they were going to humiliate Judge Barrett, they must know by now that they've failed.. ..

europe and the liberal democrats

Liberal Democrat selection news . Events in London have been understandably filling up my inbox. ... Jane Dodds re-elected leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats. . New book says Jo Swinson invited Tom Watson to stand for Lib Dems. . ..

letter: veteran voting for democrats

Veteran not supporting Democrats in Sept 21 issue of Northwest Herald. ... In my opinion, our Democrat Senators and local representatives have always supported and respected our military veterans without being told to do so as alleged.. ..

democrats loathe our constitution

text=Democrats%20Loathe%20Our%20Constitution&url=https%3A%2F%2Fspectator.org%2Fdemocrats-loathe-our-constitution%2F')'> . ... url=https%3A%2F%2Fspectator.org%2Fdemocrats-loathe-our-constitution%2F&text=Democrats%20Loathe%20Our%20Constitution')'> . . . . . . . . ..

democrats challenge miller candidacy

Instead, Democrats want decision on whether Miller has been eligible to sit on the council over the last four years, and whether his name should be on the ballot this fall, .   . It was the board's refusal to investigate the matter that, left Democrats no choice except to file the..

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