president lambastes democrats

The do-nothing Democrats -- and they are do-nothing -- all they want to do is focus on this, adding that Democrats are declaring their deep hatred and disdain for American voter. ... Pence said Pelosi and the Democrats were having their say tonight, and Republican Senate is..

democrats’ cannibalistic ideology

But under progressive disproportionate-impact theory, the Democrat field and indeed Democrat voters, at least as evidenced by their preferences in the polls and campaign donations, are all guilty of racism. ... There are a few Democrats who see the lines lengthening at the..

democrats' impeachment desperation

did that not materialize, Post notes, still oppose impeachment, despite Schiff's that House Democrats had made open and shut case for removal.. ... Republicans, Jonathan Turley, not only contradicted the other witnesses, that House Democrats might end up abusing their in in. ..

democrats encircled

[Man on the left is former Secretary of Democrat Party, Suthep Thuaksuban. ... The Democrats thought they finished off Thaksin influence, and Pheu Thai Party, directed by Thaksin, was elected and began series of motivated legal cases targeting Democrat Party leaders.. ..

liberal democrats

Chief Executive is responsible for HQ Directors Team and other managed Senior Managers, and through them, all staff of Federal Party and Parliamentary Office of Liberal Democrats. ..

liberal democrats

fraudster jailed after international manhunt has said that donating money to Liberal Democrats was the.. Liberal Democrats may not campaign on promise to rejoin European Union immediately if the next election.. ..

18 angry democrats

I was bit bemused and perplexed by AB's belief that this was Democrats strategy and that I agreed with that strategy. ... If Democrats are thinking that Mueller testimony is the bullet that's nuts. ..

democrats need trump

This paradox is the lesson taken from less than three months of Democrats control of House. ... Democrat fearing challenge from the left must explain to constituents the apostasy of colleagues voting to protect themselves from challenge on the right. ..


Jonathan Mark also said that Democrats of Israel are looking for blood and the pro- Israel side employs too much nuance and he wishes Ilhan Omar had not apologized for saying that Congress supports Israel because of money.. ..

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