desantis signs alimony overhaul

Ron DeSantis on Friday signed measure that will overhaul the state's alimony laws, after three vetoes of similar bills and decade of emotional clashes over the issue.. DeSantis approval came year after he nixed similar bill that sought to eliminate permanent alimony and set up formula..

letters: desantis' attacks

Letters: DeSantis’ attacks | Politics as entertainment | Organic produce | Respect climate . ... DeSantis’ attacks . on state don’t sway . Re: “DeSantis degrades San Francisco in new ad” (Page A1, June 22). . ..

the desantis doctrine

For the contest between former Donald Trump and DeSantis is not just over who will lead GOP. ... They talked about DeSantis's fight with Disney and his educational reforms Christopher Rufo said that DeSantis was fighter against Critical Race Theory. ..

president desantis?

I just had to make the decision as leader, says DeSantis.. I was going to do what I thought was right... ... In fact, thanks to DeSantis, Florida leads the choice, offering parents $8,000 scholarships they can take to school. ..

desperate desantis

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