desantis takes over disney district

The signing came as DeSantis gears up for expected presidential run and marks high-profile for governor. ... In taking on Disney, DeSantis furthered his reputation strategy that is expected to continue ahead of his White House run.. ..

desantis as gradgrind

Florida's Governor DeSantis scheme that students need to learn the facts and nothing and the facts is to make teaching and learning Florida more challenging than ever before. By teaching students how not to think, DeSantis only pedagogy mirrors that of Thomas Gradgrind, Dickens Hard..

desantis calls the bureaucrats’ bluff

Placing vocal critics of DEI, college has sent clear signal to all of Florida's state universities that DeSantis is serious about dismantling DEI.. ... By recognizing that he had the authority, consistent with norms of freedom, to push for dismantling DEI, DeSantis is about to reveal..

health care policy, desantis style

., url. news state health-care-policy-desantis-style article a7821b6d-8dd1-57a4-b9ca-28019a2ada54.html } data-tncms-track-event= { app. editorial., metric. social share., uuid. a7821b6d-8dd1-57a4-b9ca-28019a2ada54 } data-tncms-track-dmp=. ... There's tendency to assume the best about Ron..

ron desantis

DeSantis as the new face of Republican Party and Presidential contender for 2024, if Mr. ... DeSantis was elected to House of Representatives in 2012, where his most contribution was to help found Freedom Caucus — group of hard-right conservatives... ..

ron desantis has race problem

Ron DeSantis of Florida appointed Jeffery Moore, former tax specialist with Florida Department of Revenue, to be Gadsden, .. ... In 2018 gubernatorial debate, the moderator asked DeSantis why he had spoken at several conferences hosted by David Horowitz, r. ..

ambrose: desantis, newsom in ’24?

/n It attacked Florida's Republican, Ron DeSantis, due to be Republican for president, according to the I referred to earlier. ... /n He aimed to puncture the admiration for DeSantis by asking Floridians to come to California freedom from hate and freedom to love.. ..

trump-desantis tensions ratchet up

Trump's with DeSantis stems in part from the governor's refusal to say that he wo not challenge Trump for Republican nod if the president decides to make another run for White House. ... One Republican consultant with ties to Florida said that part of DeSantis as future candidate stems..

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