losing count

Barabba persistently denied that adjustment would increase the accuracy of the count. ... Leave the count unadjusted, and the differential undercount persists. ..

making it count

Steve Fresquez, Bureau of Elections for Santa Fe County Clerk's Office, and Jeannie Sena, presiding judge at Santa Fe Community Convention Center polling site, count the number of absentee ballots deposited in the ballot drop box at the center on Tuesday... ..

covid death count: 37

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neil duke

Neil Duke has joined Johns Hopkins Health System Legal Department as the new practice group leader and chief legal counsel for Employee Affairs and Accessibility Coordination.. Immediately prior to joining the health system and over the course of his 20-plus years of private practice, Duke..

buchanan and duke

It's ironic to Buchanan now trying to distance from Duke Three years ago, Buchanan ridiculed Republican leaders for overreacting to Duke and his Nazi costume.. GOP is throwing away winning hand, and David Duke is the first fellow to pick up the discards.. ..

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