World . Sanctioned Countries Denounce New U.S. Military Threats Sunday, May 31 @ 1pm Eastern Time (NY)/10am Pacific Click here to [...] . . . . . ..

earth magnetic field, earth atmosphere

News and Articles covering Early Earth Core, Earth Magnetic field reversals, Earth Atmosphere, Ozone Layer, Earth's Iron Sulfur Saltwater Quartz crystals, Planetary Oceans, Aurora, Mantle, Giant Asteroids, Acid Rain... ... To study the history of life on..


World . Stories from parishes, dioceses, religious orders and community groups all over the world. ... World Press Freedom Day 2020 . May 2nd, 2020 . . . 'We need a journalism that is free, at the service of truth, goodness and justice; a journalism that helps build a culture of..


GENEVA — The head of World Health Organization on Wednesday lamented the US decision to halt funding for the UN agency, promising review of its decisions while sidestepping President Donald J. ..


China launches clinical trials of Covid-19 vaccine as world goes into lockdown . ... Trade unions around the world lead fight to protect workers from coronavirus fallout . . . ..

tackett leads pba world championship field

Tackett leads PBA World Championship field. Bluffton's EJ Tackett raced to 246-pin lead during the cashers round at Storm PBA World Series of Bowling XI at South Point Bowling Plaza Las Vegas.  . ... World Championship qualifiers advance to round robin match play on..


short-film Orbit,  directed by Nicholas Camp & Don Thiel, uses that idea as launching pad to explore its themes. ... The decision to bath the in the ambient light of the giant they orbit is poetic. ..

dimensions for globe life field

Rangers have announced the dimensions for Globe Life Field via press release posted to Twitter by Sam Blum of Dallas Morning News. ... Globe Life Field is set to open on March 23, 2020, just across the street from Globe Life Park.. ..

world soil day

This alarming fact reaffirms the need to raise awareness through World Soil Day of this growing problem, as Earth's population continues to expand.. ... FAO, through its World Soil Day website, is raising the profile of healthy soil by encouraging..


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inexpensive chip-size satellites orbit earth

Manchester's team deployed 105 ChipSats into low- Earth orbit on March 18 and, the day, detected the signals they sent one another, demonstrating their ability to communicate as group, prerequisite to operating as swarm. ... For months Manchester waited for NASA's green light to deploy..


Signs of anti-Semitism, xenophobia and intolerance that overshadowed Europe in the lead-up to Second World War are resurfacing., UN summit of religious leaders has heard... ..

world bank and coal world wide

In world only the fossil fuel industry has developed the ability to produce energy for electricity, fuel and heat for those in need. Heike Mainhardt, World Bank Group financial flows undermine Paris agreement, urgewald org, March 2019. ..

living on earth: earth day checkup

The city of Shenzhen, China, has the concentration of electric buses in the world. At Paris gathering, Prime Minister Modi, pledged dollar fund to solarize much of the world and that they would get out of the business and move forward with renewable energies.. ..


Roger Reinert called last week from a military base in Qatar on the Persian... . news/world April 14, 2019 - 4:32pm . . . ... For Kevin Freedman, a 38-year-old governance... . news/world April 11, 2019 - 9:24am . . . ..


The team is safe, in lockdown at their hotel it was en route to one of the mosques for Friday prayers at the time of the attack and escaped to... ..

in orbit: in orbit

In Orbit—the group, the song and the album—have groovy 70s retro kind of feel, crashing chords, melody and dissonance, all to disco beat.. High on energy, with emphasis on danceable grooves, In Orbit is cross-border group with core of Canadian and American saxophonist, with the..

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