ecuador niega trato injusto a assange

WASHINGTON  - Ecuador dijo el lunes que no estaba actuando injustamente fundador de WikiLeaks Julian Assange cuando le revocó su asilo la semana pasada. ... Jennifer Robinson, una abogada que representa Assange, dijo que el gobierno de Ecuador ha diseminado mentiras sobre su conducta..

ecuador claims on assange untrue: lawyer

London  Julian Assange's lawyer has accused Ecuador's government of spreading lies about his inside its London, where Assange sought asylum in 2012.. ... I think the first thing to say is Ecuador has been making some pretty outrageous allegations over the past few days to justify what..

nearshoring in latin america - ecuador

In, Ecuador shares time zone with East Coast of U.S for half the year from, November to March and spends the half of the year on Central Time. ... On the US News and World Report's Best Countries Ranking, Ecuador scores higher than U.S in the. ..

assange arrested after ecuador withdraws asylum

London Metropolitan police said in statement that Ecuador Government had withdrawn asylum for Assange, and that its officers had been invited into the embassy by the ambassador.. ... Important background for journalists covering the arrest of Julian # Assange by Ecuador United Nations..

earthquake rocks ecuador-peru border region

magnitude earthquake struck sparsely populated Ecuador near Peru border early Friday morning earthquake with magnitude of 7.5 struck Peru- Ecuador region early Friday morning, United States Geological Survey said.. ... Ecuador's emergency response service said the main quake..

7.5 magnitude earthquake hits ecuador

The United States Geological Survey says that 7.5-magnitude earthquake hit Ecuador near the border with Peru early Monday morning.. ... second earthquake, measured at 5.5 struck Ecuador about 20 minutes later at depth of 82 km.. ..

ecuador organized crime news

investigation into several soldiers Ecuador who are accused of supplying weapons to ex-FARC mafia network operating in region suggests that... ... The role of Guayaquil, Ecuador as hub for international cocaine trafficking reflects the changing dynamics of Colombia- Ecuador..

ecuador eradicates galapagos rats using drones

image of Galapagos Islands taken in 2018 from International Space Station Ecuador used drones to rat poison on one of Galapagos Islands in bid to protect species including the world's only nocturnal seagull from the pests, the archipelago's national parks authority, PNG, said Thursday... ... ..

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