ecuador: general crises

Ecuador faces generalized crisis, product of the mismanagement and betrayals of the last two governments against sovereignty and the social advances achieved during the decade from 2007 to 2017.. ... US Ecuador Sovereignty political lcrisis. Palestine, factor of Islamic unity... ..

ecuador convulsed anew by prosecutor’s murder

Photo of the in which Prosecutor Cesar Suarez was traveling, when he was killed in northern zone of Guayaquil, Ecuador. HAVANA TIMES January 17th murder of Cesar Suarez has shattered the sensation of tense calm Ecuador, and the efforts of Ecuador's citizens to recover feeling of..

how ecuador became a narco state

Ecuador is positioned next to Colombia and Peru, the world's most prolific producers of coca plants and cocaine. ... there's good chance it came through Ecuador. This expanding sector has brought with it fierce competition over the ports, struggle that intensified when the boss of Los..

11 days that shook ecuador

Co-written by Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador Leonidas Iza, the book recounts, those electrifying 11 days that shook Ecuador.. By protagonist from this, Importantly, it also collectivises the lessons drawn laboratory for understanding the direction of..

what is happening in ecuador?

Guayaquil, city that is Ecuador's largest, is considered the country's most dangerous, with its ports acting as hub for drug smuggling.. security official holds Los Rios, Ecuador, in this handout distributed by Ecuador Ministry of Defense on January 10, 2024. ..

ecuador 'at war' with drug gangs

Ecuador President Daniel Noboa said on Wednesday that his country was at war with drug gangs. ... soldier stands at Ecuador, Wednesday, Jan 10, 2024. There are some 1,500 Colombians Ecuador, and prisoners from Colombia, Peru and Venezuela account for 90% of jailed..

ecuador placed under state of emergency

Ecuador is reeling from fresh wave of violence that has shaken South American nation, with President Daniel Noboa launching military crackdown on gangs after criminal groups took more than 100 prison staff hostage and armed men interrupted television broadcast, ... The crisis highlights the ahead..

architecture from ecuador

Building with Living Trees., this first instalment highlights the stories behind Casa Jardín, home located in the area of Quito, Ecuador... ... Organized by the Pichincha Provincial College of Architects of Ecuador, it has been held exchange, and reflection on architecture and the..

ecuador undertakes amazon reforestation project —

Ecuador undertakes Amazon reforestation project. Saturday, October 21st 2023 - 10 53 UTC Full article 0 comments... ... The Minister also said that the reforestation was part of National Landscape Restoration Project developed in Amazonian provinces of Orellana and Sucumbios northeast..

ecuador: from darwin to drug trafficking

In the last few years, Ecuador has become in the regional cocaine trade taking advantage of in ports on its Pacific coast.. Ecuador's murder rate since 2018 has quadrupled, kidnappings are rife, more leaving behind trail of dismembered and burned bodies.. ..

an assassination in ecuador

While the assassination of candidate highlights growing Ecuador, the country is also facing prolonged political and economic crisis — largely due to President Lasso's neoliberal economic policies. ... Yet in spite of the assassination, the flights have continued, with one arriving..

ecuador ·

Armed attack kills 10 people Ecuador port overnight. Local police confirmed the death toll Guayaquil, which has become one of the country's increasingly bloody centers of war between rival drug-trafficking gangs. 11.3k 15.. ..