menendez indictment and egypt

The government alleges that Menendez 'provided U.S information and took other steps that aided the government of Egypt, the indictment reads... ... Embassy Egypt, information 'deemed highly sensitive because it could pose significant security concerns if disclosed to government or if..


India, Egypt sign agreement to elevate bilateral ties to 'Strategic Partnership during PM Modi's maiden visit. ... Sisi also conferred Egypt's civilian award, Order of Nile, on Prime Minister.. ..

does egypt have a safety problem?

The upturn is crucial for Egypt's economy given tourism accounts for 12 per of its GDP and the country is battling with sky-high inflation of 40 per cent. . ... Health and safety regulations Egypt, are not as stringent as in UK. ..

11 best books on ancient egypt

The book covers everything from the geography of Nile to the complex religious and social systems of Ancient Egypt.. ... Egyptian Mythology Guide to Gods, Goddesses, and Traditions of Ancient Egypt by Geraldine Pinch is another excellent resource for learning about the gods and goddesses..

egypt: pretrial detention renewals by video

Human Rights Committee overseeing International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, to which Egypt is party, said that people detained on criminal grounds must be brought before the judge, particularly if this presence would serve the inquiry into the lawfulness of detention or where questions..

egypt ·

AFP at Rafah crossing saw large crowd of people hoping to cross into Egypt today. 4.0k 0.. ... Egypt closes Suez Canal for up to 72 hours as efforts to free ship to day. ..

ecotourism in egypt - green prophet

Committee also produces weekly half-hour program cooperation with Egyptian television called Misr Ard Al Jamal which features Egypt's protected areas, ecotourism activities, eco-lodges, and indigenous tribes of Egypt's three deserts.. The passage of in 1983 has also led to the..


Members of Egypt's movement played important roles in inspiring and plotting the 11 attacks. ... Wisner discusses his distinguished in public service,  including working as former undersecretary of defense for policy,  undersecretary of state for international security affairs,..

egypt "on the verge of bankruptcy"

According to Dec 17 report Egypt's Official Gazette quoted in Egypt Independent, Egypt will import gas from international companies Qatar at cost of U.S $14 BTUs. ... he is to lead Egypt to degree of statism — sort of North Korea on Nile.. ..

egypt elects president from muslim brotherhood

Mohamed Morsi, the candidate of Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party, was announced on Sunday as the winner of Egypt's first free presidential elections. ... Neither Muslim Brotherhood Egypt's generals were impressed by Obama Administration's abandonment of former President..