eu referendum

The EU referendum was in opportunity to shape Britain's, inside or outside European Union. ... Merryn Somerset Webb talks to economist and Roger Bootle about Europe's disaster zone, and the advantages to Britain in pulling out.. ..


In the midst of Britain's from European Union, saga which deepened this week with parliamentary defeat for Theresa May's Brexit deal, key figures on the Conservative right harbour hope that Commonwealth will come to the rescue. The upcoming fight for seats in European Parliament will..

non-eu investors target opportunities in europe

Will Duffey, managing director and co-head of European transactions for JLL's Hotels & Hospitality Group, said Singapore also is Europe. ... Only 8% of Asians are coming to Europe, and NH gets 1% of that, and their average spend is higher and average length of stay is longer, .. ..

judenrein europe

By absorbing immigrants first from, Beginning at the turn of the century and continuing through recent decades, Jewish North America grew Central and Eastern Europe and later from places like Soviet Union, Iran, and North Africa. ..

relaunching europe

While the predictions for European Parliamentary for social and Europe were bleak, with indications of up to third of seats going towards anti- European forces, European voters used this election to express their varying concerns and their visions for EU in the coming years. . ... We..

bc-eu-brexit, advisory, eu

May has bowed to relentless pressure from her party to quit over her failure to take Britain out of European Union on schedule. ... BREXIT-MAY'S EUROPEAN LEGACY - European Union will always identify Theresa May with Brexit process. ..

europe holds 'most important' eu vote

Europeans are preparing to remember events that shaped Union — 75 years since Americans landed France to defeat Nazi Germany and since Russian forces let Germans crush Polish bid for 30 since Germans smashed Berlin Wall to reunite east and Europe.. ... Describing it as undoubtedly the most..

rethinking europe

The blessing of being the beneficiary of European Union is also curse because, from historical, the failure of European unification project would be attributed to the indecision of German policy, and with good reason.. ... I am impressed that in for Italy and for many other countries..

no top eu jobs for eastern europe

The fact that the top jobs were handed to people from old Europe shows yet again that the Eastern Europeans had no specific demands. It also shows that their blockade was not aimed at putting their countries, regions or in the balance to win post for Eastern Europe. ..


Home Europe . . Europe . . . . . Latest . . . . . . BREAKING: Christ Jesus Alive After Crucifixion; Rome Army Concerned . ... Europe Stefan J. Bos - 21st April 2019 1 . . (WARNING:The report contains a short described explicit scene. ..

renaissance europe

Renaissance Europe . 27:48 | #212 | TV-G . In Florence, Milan, and Venice, discover works by Brunelleschi, Michelangelo, Raphael, Leonardo and Titian. ..

eu court adviser says eu-canada deal complies with

BRUSSELS  - adviser to European Union's highest court said Tuesday that element on dispute in the free trade agreement with Canada complies with EU law. Advocate General Yves Bot said in legal opinion that the agreement does not impede the autonomy of EU law or question..

eu whoiswho

Start looking here with EU Whoiswho — directory of managers and services in EU institutions, bodies and agencies. Find what you want in any of EU's official languages... ..


Those who want to end the framework exempting liner shipping consortia from European Union antitrust rules say it would increase competition and therefore choice. ..

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