EU deal is major boost for Kyiv as Russia's war nears the start of its third year.. EU's Josep Borrell admitted Wednesday that EU will supply Ukraine with just over half of the artillery shells it promised to send by March.. ..

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In European Union, Apple has added €10 to the original €99 price Austria, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain. ... European Union has reached agreement to force wide range of consumer electronics, including iPhone and AirPods, to feature USB-C port for..

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By the intelligence agencies and by means of the In Greece, spying on journalists Predator spyware represented the biggest press in European Union in 2022 and explains why Greece has the lowest ranking of any EU country in the 2023 index. ... Serbia, suffered the biggest drop..


Footage from EU meeting shows German minister turning away from the overly greeting by Croatian Gordan Grlić Radman.. 3 hours ago... ..

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New Eastern Europe is quarterly news journal which focuses on central and European affairs. ... New Eastern Europe is co-published by the Jan Nowak-Jezioranski College of Eastern Europe and European Solidarity Centre.. ..

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Rick Steves’ Europe: Art of Prehistoric Europe . S12 E1201 Length 25:18 Premiere Date 10/01/23 . . . ... Rick Steves’ Europe: Art of Prehistoric Europe . S12 E1201 Length 25:18 Premiere Date 10/01/23 . . . . ..

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Slovakia sent shockwaves through EU over the weekend as former PM and Robert Fico - man perceived to be more hostile to Brussels and more amenable to Moscow - came on top in nationwide election.. ... Fico has capitalised on war fatigue Slovakia, and ongoing concern at migrants attempting to cross..

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group of African Human rights activists have condemned Europe's policy, as the death toll of migrants trying to cross into the continent keeps rising.. ..

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Hungary's Prime Minister Orbán wants to let citizens vote on the anti- LGBT law that has led EU to launch infringement proceedings against the country. ..

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Opinion We've just had the week on record and we're cheering EU Nature bill.. Lorna Bogue says Nature Restoration Law in EU this week should be viewed as the climate failure it is. 18.7k 43.. ..