facebook turns 20

Sharing, liking, commenting for two decades people have been posting their lives on Facebook, the social network with the most users worldwide. Facebook has come under fire over protection, hate speech and opaque algorithms. ..

facebook scam

you'll be giving your Facebook username and password to scammer who could hijack your Facebook account.. They could change your password and send similar messages to all of your Facebook friends.. ..

sos: energizer's promise unfulfilled; facebook is

Speaking of going silent, while Elon Musk's X, known as Twitter, ers emails with poop emoji, Facebook, and its parent company Meta, ca not even muster that. ... In line with SOS past experience, Facebook Meta did not respond to multiple emails on behalf of two readers, Marcia Weisensel..

widow loses $100,000 in facebook hacking scam

Australian police investigating how Kiwi pensioner lost $100,000 in Facebook hacking scam believe offshore mule.. ... The victim lost more than $100,000 earlier this year after scammers hacked her elderly Facebook account and convinced the victim to send money overseas to unlock..

liapes v. facebook, inc.

Facebook, Inc. . Racial Justice, Women's Rights . Northern California, Southern California . ... Facebook, Inc. Legal Documents . Opinion . Download Document Date Filed: 09/21/2023 . ..

facebook officially embraces fake profiles

Meta is going to let Facebook users create multiple personal profiles and switch between them without logging out and logging back in, according to blog post published Thursday. ... additional profiles have some limitations to start Messenger app wo not support them, and features like..

former pm resumes facebook, public ties

The move came after Meta Platforms Inc, the parent company of the giant, rejected request by their Oversight Board to suspend his page, alleging the page had breached Facebook's policies... ... Meta rejects board's request for Hun Sen Facebook page suspension Ministry of Post and..

group calls for facebook, instagram boycott

Right now, in situation, Facebook's putting corporate profits, ahead of ahead of supporting quality journalism, ... ... It's so inconceivable that company like Facebook is choosing to put corporate profits ahead of ensuring that local news organizations can get up to date information to..

facebook hoax?

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M — We've all seen Facebook post hoax guiding you to repost paragraph to trick the algorithm to see more of your friends and remove ads.. Facebook post is not hoax and it does work.. It says, by copying, pasting, and posting this update, you'll bypass Facebook's..

facebook wipes 24% off reach profits

Reach, the publisher of Daily Mirror and Daily Express, reported 24 cent drop in first-half adjusted operating profit after it was hit by Facebook's move away from news content and tough print advertising market.. ... Jim Mullen, Reach's chief executive, said revenue, had been materially..

how to log out of facebook

To log out of your Facebook in browser on your computer select the account section at the right-hand side, this will be small circle with your profile photo in it.. ... Click on Log Out and you will be asked 'Are you sure you want to log out select Yes and you will be logged out of..

malaysia to prosecute facebook

The government of Malaysia said Friday that it will prosecute Meta Platforms for the failures of Facebook to comply with its requests to remove content... By significant volume of undesirable contents, In statement, Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission said that Facebook has..

mohamad sabu's facebook page hacked

By all account administrators, Facebook page of Agriculture and Food Security Minister Mohamad Sabu was hacked at about 4pm today and could not be accessed.. The office confirmed the matter and said efforts to regain access to Facebook with the name. ..

glono on facebook

Hey everybody, we'd like to invite all Facebook users out there to join GLONO Blog Network. ... There's also Facebook group for People who love Glorious Noise. Coming soon GLONO Second Life Headquarters. ..