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FaceTime Attention Correction feature, first spotted by Mike Rundle on Twitter, can be turned on and off in FaceTime section of Settings app. ... Following the release of iOS 12.1.4, that it had found and fixed the Group FaceTime bug and vulnerability involving Live Photos in..

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Court case DJ Goldie makes legal history by pleading guilty to Glastonbury assault via FACETIME bizarre hearing The 52-year-old had things to do and people to see, so he just phoned in his plea. Facetime Toddler, 2, saves her heavily mum when she collapsed - by calling for help on..

apple's facetime glitch breaches privacy

According to 9to5Mac, discomforting glitch has been discovered Apple's FaceTime app.. ... on Monday night that they had disabled Group FaceTime feature until the update has been added. thestreet com has speculated that this discovery could spook stockholders. ..

group-chat bug led to facetime eavesdropping

Group-chat bug led to FaceTime eavesdropping. Apple has disabled FaceTime after users said software bug could let callers activate another microphone remotely.. ... There is no longer danger from this particular bug while regular, one-on-one FaceTime remains available... ..

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Apple has disabled Group FaceTime after news revealed Monday that iPhone users could eavesdrop on call recipients without the callers even answering FaceTime call. you'll want to turn off FaceTime anyway. By clicking the bar on your, The easiest way to do this is Mac, type..

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