december 2020 issue

Climate change was expected to American lobsters to seek deeper waters, beavers to colonize new parts of Canada, and wolf spiders in Arctic to produce second annual brood.. ..

what’s in that malicious file? a file dissection

File-borne attacks are on the rise and 40%-60% of malicious files evade and breach existing security defenses to end up in your inboxes, on your platforms, and in your network.. In this webinar, Richard Hosgood, white hat hacker and North American Director of Engineering at file security..

next generation social

Welcome to Next Generation Social . It's not enough to master the big platforms like Facebook and Twitter. ... Attributes of a next generation platform and how to differentiate them from established social networks . ..

a generation upended

Armenia, Azerbaijan, Caucasus, Civil society, Society A Generation Upended . 11/11/202011/11/2020 . ... Yet, Leila emphasizes, we must stay hopeful about the younger generation. ..

anniversary issue

Anniversary Issue Life goes on for Filipinos, as pandemic pushes PHL to fast-track Internet connectivity. ... Anniversary Issue In 'Transfiguration, firms save lives, jobs. By man who had seen demand for face masks with, group of manufacturers led Taal's January 2020 eruption quickly..

what to invent

WHAT TO INVENT (Oct, 1937) . << Previous . >>| . Next >> . 1 of 4 . . << Previous . >>| . ... Pocket nail clippers have never been really popular for the simple reason that one must use a file afterwards because a very rough edge is left. ..

kera create tv

KERA Create was launched in 2016 to serve increasing interest from viewers in the do-it-yourself genre. ... KERA Create is available through the following cable providers on these channels. ..

generation next

How To Get The Best TV For PS5 And Xbox Series X, Gamescom 2020 Breakdown Generation Next. This week's Generation Next overlaps with Gamescom, so Tamoor, Lucy, and Jordan discuss the biggest news from the show, the one just before PS4 and Xbox One launched..., 480. <\ iframe> }}, siteType...

our latest issue!

We have sent our latest issue to the printers and to e-subscribers, and we'd already posted several articles from the issue to the website, including the cover story by Mateo Crossa and James M. ... Cypher relate how U.S corporations and U.S government have pressured Mexican government to..

saving generation covid

By the pandemic is now hurting the hardest and creating generation that will lose out on learning, Addis Ababa London — While the emergency has harmed the poor, the education crisis caused.. ..

generation velcro

What else have we lost, or failed to pass along, to the generation of kids about to inherit an increasingly compromised planet? ... For those of us even just a generation removed from the family farm, already the loss of knowledge is enormous. ..

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