finland elects president in new geopolitical landscape

Helsinki Two seasoned politicians face off Finland's on Sunday, with the role having gained in light of NATO membership and rising tensions with neighbouring Russia.. ... For Helimaki, the differences between the candidates come down to nuance on certain issues, such as the storage or transport..

finland to extend russia border closing

FINLAND RUSSIA DEFENSE . PHOTO . . The Finnish government will extend its closure of the crossing points on its border with Russia, which had been set to end on Jan. 15, daily Iltalehti reported on Wednesday, citing unnamed government sources. ..

russia sending muslim invaders into finland

Finland joined Nato this year, angering Kremlin, and will host its first major naval exercise as member of Western military alliance on Monday.. ... Kremlin accused Finland of taking path of destroying bilateral relations over Finland's decision to close some border crossings..

finland newswire - ein presswire

Finland has reached significant as VTT, leading research organization, and Finnish technology company, IQM Quantum Computers, have completed the development of Finland's second computer. ... The Zekki Finland report, launched on World Mental Health Day, October 10, 2023, reveals..

finland forms right-wing coalition government

Climate alarmists are worried that climate-change mitigation policies will be affected, with the coalition looking at reducing prices for fossil fuels and rejecting calls to reduce the number of vehicles on Finland's roads. ... The government represents substantial tilt to the right for..

climate warming pits geese against farmers in finland

Two decades ago, few Barnacle geese stopped Finland to feed during their north across Arctic, where they nest, from their wintering areas in Netherlands, Germany and beyond.. ... the state has to pay compensation for any damage to agriculture — over million euros Finland alone.. ..

ny tid (finland)

Ny Tid was founded in 1944 organization of socialist movements Finland. Since 1990, Ny Tid has no party affiliations, its aim being to create Swedish Finland. ..

finland transformers sightings

Finland Transformers Sightings . Discussion in 'Transformers Sightings' started by Black Convoy, Aug 7, 2023. . . . #1 . . . ... Finland . . Likes: . +64 . . . . . Roverlord said: ↑ . I was going to say 'finally!' ..