why gamestop stock soared today

GameStop's shares have climbed more than 140%. . Wallstreetbets, Reddit group with 9.3 million members, used similar tactics to spark GameStop January. ... Thus, for the majority of investors, the best move right now is to stay far away from GameStop stock.. ..

gamestop enthusiast testifies

The idea that I used media to promote GameStop stock to unwitting investors and influence the market is preposterous, lawmakers.. ... Gill was registered as broker-dealer and worked as a wellness educational director for insurance company MassMutual while he was sharing his thoughts on..

the gamestop testimonies: key quotes

. - Ahead of grilling GameStop, Melvin Capital Management Chief Executive Gabriel Plotkin, Robinhood Markets CEO Vladimir Tenev and Keith Gill, YouTube streamer known as Roaring Kitty, laid out their defense... FILE PHOTO GameStop store is pictured in Manhattan of New York City, New York,..

the biggest lesson of gamestop

Breaking News tags capitalism, stock market, Wall Street, GameStop, Investment. Much has been written about whether GameStop trading fiasco is the result of illegal flash mobs or righteous retail investors storming rigged financial system. ..

what's different about the gamestop bubble?

CAMBRIDGE In the week of January, the price of stock GameStop brick-and-mortar video-game retailer soared 323% for the week and 1,700% for the month. ... Moreover, at time of extreme inequality, GameStop investors are far more sympathetic figures, with everyone from US Representative..

gamestop mania

Short sellers can get squeezed and forced to buy shares at inflated price, as happened with GameStop, if speculators gang together to bid up company's stock. ... In the end GameStop madness will probably mint some Robinhood millionaires, and many more investors will lose their money.. ..

the gamestop rebellion

There were other funds that lost on the same bet that GameStop would fall off the boards and become penny stock so hedge funds could cash in on the company's failure. ... GameStop the elitist's game that prevents the rest of us equal footing in the economy we create and sustain. ..

gamestop documentary announced

Non-fiction film and XTR and production company Optimist are partnering up for documentary about GameStop, WallStreetBets and short squeeze movement... ... The news comes following earlier this week that feature film adaptation of GameStop-stock market saga is in the works. ..

gamestop announces three new hires

Shares GameStop Corp rebounded on Wednesday including the appointment of technology officer.. ... GameStop, the poster child for Redditors looking to squeeze short sellers, plunged 60% Tuesday and has now erased more than $16 in value over the past two days.. ..

the gamestop saga unravels stakeholder theory

By powerful and rich hedge funds, Enter GameStop and its Reddit WallStreetBets bros, determined to prop up the retailer's stock price in the face of intense short-selling pressure.. ... Perversely, the celebrated former Fed chair and Treasury Janet Yellen was paid more than $800,000 by Citadel..

gamestop, wall street, and inequity.

Unpacking the discussion around GameStop phenomenon. Slate Plus members get ad-free versions of all Slate podcasts, plus extra segments, bonus episodes, and more. ... In the spiel, GameStop Wall Street starring the usual suspects.. daily evening show about news, culture, and whatever..

investors battle over gamestop

Online Robinhood's decision to block purchases of Gamestop stock on Thursday created another furor . 01 February 2021. ... The fund had bet against computer games Gamestop in practice called shorting after the latter's share prices dropped recent months. ..

is silver the next gamestop squeeze?

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what's really happening with gamestop?

OPINION big story currently shaking up the world is the behaviour of GameStop shares in USA.. ... commentator on Reddit platform noticed that the number of shares short sold on GameStop was larger than all GameStop shares on issue. ..

the gamestop frenzy has some precedent

By the decline of shopping malls and the ubiquity of game downloads, Some context for GameStop, retailer, has been dealt one-two blow. ... For weeks, commenters on Reddit and other media investing fora have led frenzied push to buy up shorted stocks like GameStop, Nokia and BlackBerry. ..

gamestop battle turns political

GameStop's price per share opened at under $20 in early January and accumulated momentum throughout the month, hitting high of $76 last Friday and whopping $514 per share this Thursday. ... With buying pressure reduced, the price of GameStop shares dipped to $112.25 around noon on..

what's up with gamestop?

What does Reddit have to do with Gamestop's Wall Street push. Mikah discusses the details that Apple shared about its upcoming App Tracking Transparency feature.. ..

gamestop partners with microsoft

multi-year partnership has been struck between GameStop and Microsoft. ... We're currently in the process of investigating how this system will roll out to GameStop locations and what it'll mean for GameStop employees stay tuned.. ..

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