gaza hit by israeli airstrikes

Gaza was struck by Israeli Defense Forces jets on Sunday evening in response to incendiary balloons that had been launched earlier from the strip. ... Israelis also reduced the fishing zone off Gaza by half - from 12 nautical miles to six nautical miles.. ..

israel allows limited gaza exports

Israel allows limited Gaza exports. 23 Views. The export of limited quantities of farm produce from Gaza is to be allowed from Monday, month after ceasefire ended Israel- Hamas conflict. ... Textiles from Gaza's sewing shops will again reach businesses Israel. ..

israel launches gaza air strike

Jerusalem Israeli military said its aircraft attacked Hamas armed compounds in Gaza Strip on Wednesday in response to the launching of incendiary balloons from the territory that caused fires in fields in southern Israel.. ... Death to Arabs, of force that threatened to spark renewed violence..

gaza ceasefire holding

satellite view shows aftermath of the in and around Gaza City after the 11 days of fighting between Israel and Palestinians May 20, 2021. ... Gaza medical officials put Palestinian death toll from Israeli air and artillery strikes at 248, including 66 children.. ..

netanyahu: won't relent in gaza

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip -- Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed Wednesday to press ahead with fierce military in Gaza Strip, pushing back against calls from United States to wind down the operation that has left hundreds dead.. Gallery Israel- Gaza conflict The..

carnage in gaza

On May 16, 2021, ment at United Nations Security Council  condemning Israeli against Palestinians and urging Gaza. ... The Times of Israel., ment expressed UNSC's grave concern regarding the crisis related to Gaza and the loss of civilian lives and casualties, and called for..

gaza bleeds again

Israel claims that its fighter jets bombed sites belonging to Palestinian armed groups and police buildings, local sources from Gaza City have confirmed that most of the targets were civilian. ... In its characteristic arrogance and defiance of humanitarian or any kind of law, Israel is refusing..

israel's murderous attacks on gaza

The US instead of denouncing the child-murdering bombing of Gaza- hypocritically decried the rockets fired by Palestine on Israel, saying it recognizes Israel's right to defend. ... While Israel withdrew its illegal colonies from Gaza in 2005, it maintained the military blockade. ..

israeli aircraft strike in gaza

JERUSALEM GAZA Israeli aircraft attacked targets in Gaza Strip on Wednesday, witnesses said, ing of rocket fire from Palestinian territory sounded in southern Israel.. Hours earlier, rocket fired by Palestinian militants Gaza struck Israeli of Ashdod, wounding two people, at the..

'gaza mon amour': film review

deadpan dramedy with serious political undertones, Gaza Mon Amour offers up vision of Palestinian situation at once realistic and absurdist, revealing how even the simplest of love stories can be thwarted by government, human foibles and Greek statue with major erection.. ... tad slow at times,..

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