un condemns arrests, violence against gaza protestors

Hamas has imposed extra taxes on basic products across Gaza, one of the issues. ... The long-suffering people of Gaza were protesting the dire situation and demanded in the quality of in Gaza Strip., said UN Special Coordinator, adding that it was their right to protest without..

: protesters in gaza

The widespread protests are seen which have seized control of Gaza Strip in the summer of 2007... ... According to Palestine TV, Hamas kidnapped Rafat Al Qadra, director-general of Gaza Strip's radio and station, from his home on Saturday night... ..

israel mounts savage air bombardment on gaza

Israel mounts savage air bombardment on Gaza. Israel mounts savage air bombardment on Gaza. Israel Defense Forces launched massive aerial attack on 100 sites Gaza in the early hours of Friday morning, injuring at least four people in the city of Rafah. ..

hamas cracks down on gaza protesters

According to Times of Israel, the protests took place northern and Gaza and were protesting Hamas for impoverishing Gaza Strip. ... Hamas continues to exploit Palestinians of # Gaza and to rule by brute force # Hamas abuses the money belonging to the people of # Gaza,..

gaza the crucible – mondoweiss

On Friday, 24th of August, Return demonstrated from Eastern side of Gaza fence solidarity with Great March of Return Gaza. The Great March has two main demands to lift Israel's, siege of Gaza and to implement Palestinian Right of Return. ..

opioid crisis engulfs blockaded gaza strip

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip — opioid crisis has spread in Gaza Strip, trapping thousands in the hell of addiction and adding another layer of misery to the blockaded and impoverished coastal territory.. The scourge can be traced to the mass import of cheap opioid-based Tramadol pain..

'gaza' review

For much of its running time, Garry Keane and Andrew McConnell's Sundance Gaza achieves its ambitious professed goal, opening eyes to the side of Gaza that is not seen in the news, the ordinary lives of people living in extraordinary place that one subject calls big, open prison... ... ..

st. porphyrius the bishop of gaza

As result of this, the emperor issued in 401 ordering the destruction of pagan temples Gaza and the restoration of privileges to Christians. ... Saint Porphyrius Christianity Gaza to the very end of his life, and guarded his flock from the vexatious pagans. ..

rift may shut egypt-gaza crossing

Palestinian Authority is pulling its employees from Gaza- Egypt border crossing amid rift with Islamist militant group Hamas, while controls Gaza.. Palestinian Authority has ordered its employees to pull out from Gaza- Egypt border crossing, from Gaza Strip.. ..

soda stream to open in gaza

Yet, for reasons of humanitarian concerns for Gaza with incredibly low amount of employment Gaza with Gaza many people will be lot more busy working than having time to go riot at the border.. ... Birnbaum is serious target for Israeli going into Gaza, if he would set..


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