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Owing to short-sighted decisions by Nazi, Germany's position technology had fallen behind the capabilities of Britain and of United States ( Reacting to the prospect of radar, Herman Goering had said. ... Posted in, Europe, France, Germany, Holidays, Immigration, Islam, Middle East,..

berlin, germany homes

Browse homes Berlin, Germany and nearby locations. Homeowners, architects, realtors, and other professionals are encouraged to share the modern homes they in, work on, rent out, or just plain admire. ..

germany: baffled hegemon

The fall of Berlin Wall in 1989 turned reunified Germany into Europe's hegemon. ... The greatest political challenge to democracy within Germany today is Alternative für Deutschland, the first far-right party in the postwar history to be represented in all states and in the..

germany narrowly avoids recession

Sky News says that Germany's export-led model remains exposed in EU to the continued threat of Brexit, its single market and the customs union... Germany got away with black eye, DekaBank Andreas Scheuerle said of the fourth-quarter numbers.. ..

germany dragging its feet

By bigger again dragging the annual rate down to growth of just, Preliminary Q4 data published this morning show that Germany's Gross Domestic Product did not grow at all in the period, and dragged annualised economic growth down to 0.9 cent from 1.1 Q3. ..

facebook to appeal germany crackdown

Germany's Bundeskartellamt gave the company 12 months to stop collecting and using data and combining it with users Facebook accounts without their consent. ... While we've cooperated with Bundeskartellamt for nearly three years and will continue our discussions, we disagree with their..

health care in germany.

My friend was going hiking with group of German friends Germany.. They told him what treatment he should seek, and gave him list of doctors near his in U.S.. ... National Health Care Germany since the age of Bismark... ..


Rudolf Hess own doctor and US Franklin Roosevelt believed Germany's Spandau prison was not Hess. ..

apple pay launches in germany

— Apple has launched its mobile payments service Germany, four years. ... While Apple has already launched its payment services 20 other countries including France, Poland and Switzerland, fight over fees had delayed Germany. ... ..

germany transformers sightings

Germany Transformers Sightings . Discussion in '' started by Super_Megatron, Oct 23, 2007. . . ... So I'm probably wondering about coming to Germany (I'm in Strasbourg FRANCE) to catch it . . ..

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