fuckedgaijin • ghosn escapes!

On the possibility of Ghosn's to Japan, It's decision to be made by Lebanese government so we are not in position to comment... ... Nissan has decided to punish three people other than Ghosn and Greg Kelly, the former director. ..

the show must ghosn

Carlos Ghosn's marathon press conference elicited lots of reactions in the aftermath of his fleeing Japanese justice system - we take look at some of what's being said on social media. ... ..

why did carlos ghosn flee japan?

Ghosn had been required to hand over all three of his passports as condition of bail, just somehow, Japanese border police.. ... Ghosn Beirut played role putting the plan together and acted as the go-between with Lebanese government... ..

who is carlos ghosn?

., Mr Fix-it and one of the most managers in Carlos Ghosn, former CEO of Nissan. ... When Ghosn joined, French government had 80 cent share in the company, by the mid-2000s that share had declined to 15 per cent. 1999 was the beginning of adventure for Ghosn. ..

ghosn indicted on new charges

Prosecutors said $5 million of the transfers was diverted back to Ghosn, the same amount of financial damage was incurred to Nissan.. ... The disbursements went to Suhail Bahwan Automobiles, friend of Ghosn's, according to someone familiar with the matter. ..

nissan shareholders ok ghosn ouster

Nissan shareholders approved on Monday the ouster from Japanese automaker's board former Chairman Carlos Ghosn. ... TOKYO — Nissan's shareholders ousted the automaker's former Carlos Ghosn from its board on Monday, seeking to shut the door on era capped by scandal.. ..

ghosn out on bail, not free

Associated Press People Osaka, Japan, ing on the bail of former Nissan Carlos Ghosn on Wednesday. ... Defense Jean-Yves Le Borgne said Ghosn fell into kind of trap laid by detractors of the plan. ..

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