what is ‘playing ghosn’?

The craze, trending on Twitter under the name playing Ghosn., is homage to the controversial former Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn. ... According to BBC, number of security staff had helped smuggle Ghosn out of Japan in operation that had been in the works for months.. ..

lebanon bans ghosn from foreign travel

The prosecution issued travel ban for Ghosn, and asked for his file from Japanese authorities, AFP.. ... The lawyer of former Nissan Carlos Ghosn leaves Justice Palace after Ghosn's questioning, Beirut, Lebanon -REUTERS. ..

the show must ghosn

Carlos Ghosn's marathon press conference elicited lots of reactions in the aftermath of his fleeing Japanese justice system - we take look at some of what's being said on social media. ... ..

fuckedgaijin • ghosn escapes!

And Wall Street Journal quotes source who says Mr Ghosn fled Tokyo, amid did not think he could get fair in the country.. ... Japanese authorities did not know that Carlos Ghosn was hiding in one of the boxes intended for the transfer of musical instruments. ..

who is carlos ghosn?

., Mr Fix-it and one of the most managers in Carlos Ghosn, former CEO of Nissan. ... When Ghosn joined, French government had 80 cent share in the company, by the mid-2000s that share had declined to 15 per cent. 1999 was the beginning of adventure for Ghosn. ..

nissan shareholders ok ghosn ouster

Nissan shareholders approved on Monday the ouster from Japanese automaker's board former Chairman Carlos Ghosn. ... TOKYO — Nissan's shareholders ousted the automaker's former Carlos Ghosn from its board on Monday, seeking to shut the door on era capped by scandal.. ..

ghosn out on bail, not free

Associated Press People Osaka, Japan, ing on the bail of former Nissan Carlos Ghosn on Wednesday. ... Defense Jean-Yves Le Borgne said Ghosn fell into kind of trap laid by detractors of the plan. ..

carlos ghosn tells 'story of betrayal'

Ghosn asked, speaking to AFP and Les Echos daily in his first interview with media since his shock November 19 arrest... ... Ghosn's arrest has laid bare tensions in the alliance he forged and led among Nissan, Mitsubishi Motors and Renault.. ..

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