rudy giuliani lawyers up

Giuliani, who rose to prominence the office that is now investigating him. ... For example, American Ambassador to Ukraine testified that it was pressure from Giuliani that led to her being forced out of her position and others have stated that the President was letting..

rudy giuliani: 'welcome to mccarthy ii'

they do not hold Biden to answer questions about 4 decades of selling public office. — Rudy Giuliani October 8, 2019.. ... Welcome to McCarthy II. — Rudy Giuliani October 8, 2019.. Earlier, Giuliani spoke to Post after Senate Judiciary Committee chair Lindsey Graham..

giuliani lawyers up

Rudy Giuliani, the outspoken for Donald Trump, has hired his own lawyer to represent him in House's fast-moving investigation into the president, ... New York tapped Jon Sale, Watergate and U.S., in what's shaping up to be battle with Democrats over documents tied to Giuliani's efforts to..

giuliani: 'who made it up?'

Donald Trump's Rudy Giuliani demanded to know Monday who was responsible for promoting the theory that the president conspired with Russians to steal the election and then tried to obstruct investigation into his actions.. ..

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