google kills off google+ and inbox in ritual

The recent victims Inbox and Google+, two apps that were once seen as game-changers for their respective fields.. ... We all know Google likes to throw everything at the wall and see what sticks, and hope the company can be little more selective about the products it launches and..

spike could be your next google inbox substitute

Google's, Inbox, has gone to that great Google trashcan in the sky, and there are number of apps out there that are eager to fill, and Spike. ... While it does not have the very useful bundling feature that Google Inbox had, Spike's method of combining emails can make it..

inside the final days of google+

Yet January 2019, there was little reaction when Google announced that Google+ the social networking site it launched in 2011 to take on Facebook and Twitter would be shutting down.. Google+ was Lisa, another former Google+ user, tells me.. theme among..

rip google+ – techcrunch

That's it for Google+, Google's failed social network that once tried to take on Facebook and Twitter. ... Chances are, you're not going to feel all that sad about the end of Google+ since you have not used it for years. ..

google, accela, esri among new mentors to stir startups

Last week, those companies — Accela, Cubic, Esri, Google, Mexichem, Microsoft, Oracle, Panasonic and Visa — started deciding which startups to partner with for the remainder of this year’s 16-week program, according to Kamran Saddique, co-executive director of City Innovate, STiR’s parent..

google has stopped pixel 2 sales

Google has ended sales of Pixel and Pixel XL, with Android smartphone pulled from the company's virtual shelves. ... Various leaks of Google Pixel 3a over the past few months have indicated there's version of the in the pipeline. ..

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