billionaire buys 'climate change' on google

Using tool from SEMrush, company specialising SEO analytics, to look at Bloomberg's Google Ads buys shows that he has at least three climate-themed tag lines. The Google Ad buys are just part of Bloomberg's bet that tossing ton of his own money into the primary can buy..

google employer who supported global walkout quits

Google Meredith Whittaker, is leaving the company over what is considered as retaliation from the search giant.. According to Bloomberg, Whittaker led Google's Open Research group for massive walkout after reports that Google paid high sums to its executives accused of sexual..

google settles age discrimination lawsuit

As first reported by Bloomberg, in addition to the payout, Google's parent company, Alphabet Inc., has agreed to train its managers about age-related bias and to launch a committee that will focus on bringing age diversity to its workplace. . ... Google denied the allegations,..

hudson yards

John’s Terminal in Manhattan for $700 million and is planning a 1.3 million-square-foot office to be anchored by Google. [Bloomberg] — Meenal Vamburkar . Tags: , , , Oxford Properties Group, Related Companies . . . . ..


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