google finds 20-year-old microsoft windows

Google Finds 20-Year-Old Microsoft Windows Vulnerability. There's no indication that this vulnerability was ever used in the wild, except the code it was discovered in -- Microsoft's Text Services Framework -- has been around since Windows XP.. Tags Google,..

multimedia, av – osnews

Now all the most tech companies - Google, Microsoft, Apple, Mozilla, Facebook, Amazon, Intel, AMD, ARM, Nvidia - plus content providers like Netflix and Hulu are on board. ...  Starting today, users of Firefox can also enjoy Netflix on Linux. This marks milestone for us and our..

microsoft, google tease gaming's future

Microsoft, Google Tease Gaming’s Future . . Wednesday, March 13th 2019 10:36 am . . . . Microsoft’s gaming cloud head Kareem Choudhry has confirmed that public trials of game streaming service Project xCloud are set to begin public trials later this year reports Variety. . ..

why the foldable phone will flop

Until Google, Microsoft, or Apple invest in exemplary first-party device with software reimagined from the ground up, foldables will remain niche because, for any new category to work, it requires fully integrated vertical stack.. ... That means that for now, despite the hype, it's..

archive for february 10th, 2019

Lulu Garcia-Navarro and Francesca Paris NPR February 10 2019, AM Gizmodo's Kashmir Hill spent six weeks trying to cut Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Apple out of life completely.. ..

docs: ballmer vowed to 'kill' google

Microsoft is firing back as well, exposing e-mails by Lee to Google executives expressing interest in joining the company, and transferring edited Microsoft documents to Google. Microsoft also claims that in e-mails Lee was advising the company on the..

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