the eu destroyed greece

Over the years, voters France, Ireland, Netherlands, Denmark and, of course, Greece have either been ignored or forced to vote again when they give the answer. ... EU should be ashamed of its treatment of the people of Greece ignoring their voices and plunging them into poverty. ..

greece: eu integration will bring albania closer to

Albania's decision to continue the path of EU membership will bring it even closer to Greece, said Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias during Regional Growth Conference... I would ask you not to Greek- Albanian relations in the context of Albanians being friends with Turks, so they are..

greece – amanpour

Greece's new government is made up of strange bedfellows, Greek politics told CNN's Christiane Amanpour on Tuesday as Prime Minister Alex Tsipras formed coalition with right-wing party and unveiled cabinet.. ... Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou. - Greece is not looking for bailout..

greece condemns turkey's "imperial fantasies"

Credit Greek Greece urged European Union on Wednesday to reconsider its customs union with Turkey in response to Ankara's continued gas explorations in Mediterranean, deploring what it termed Ankara's imperial fantasies... ... We also condemned the continuous violations of Greek airspace and..

justice delivered in greece

Back in 2010-2013, when Golden Dawn flourished, Greece saw epidemic of violence.  ... Talking about Golden Dawn, to us, We want Greece to belong to Greeks if that makes us racist, then yes we are... ..

greece wildfire forces widescale evacuation

Greece wildfire forces widescale evacuation.. wildfire that broke out in southern Greece on Wednesday continues to rage, burning houses and acres of forestland and forcing authorities to evacuate several villages in the area.. ... Local media reported that five other fires continued to..

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