hamas vs. israel: who won?

To give few examples, comedian and pundit, John Oliver, delivered lengthy tirade against Israel, of war crimes while ignoring Hamas's rocket fire. ... That is what Hamas terror barrages have done they have gone beyond enlisting sympathy for Palestinian cause to unleashing wave of hatred..

letter: hamas started the attacks

Using the situation there as excuse, and wanting to embarrass PA, Hamas began rocket attack on civilians Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and, most terribly, on the small cities and villages Israel's south. War is never pretty, and the blame for starting this one belongs to Hamas. ..

what is hamas?

Poorly understood is that Hamas won Palestinian parlimentary elections,  in 2006, that have been allowed to take place. He is author of  Hamas Contained The Rise and Pacification of Palestinian Resistance, Stanford University Press, 2018.. ..

israel-hamas truce takes hold

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the operation had hit the ability of Hamas, Islamist group. ... It would be coordinated with Palestinian Authority - run by Hamas, President Mahmoud Abbas, backed by West and based in Israeli-occupied West Bank - in manner that does not..

hamas needs jesus

the media portrays Hamas launches countless rockets indiscriminately into civilian areas and sends women and children into the line of fire as tactic to garner public support for their cause.. ... Lord has demonstrated this power through the testimony of people like Mosab Yousef, the son of one..

hamas official: hamas’ gaza leader sinwar

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip — Hamas firebrand Yehiyeh Sinwar was re-elected on Wednesday leaving figure aligned with the hard-line military wing in charge of the in its main stronghold.. Haniyeh, Gaza leader who now lives in exile Qatar, said the vote was real, not phony, and that tens of thousands of..

abbas pumps new life into hamas

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and Hamas Ismail Haniyeh Gaza, February 2007, before Hamas seized total control of Gaza These are wonderful days for Palestinian Islamist, Hamas.. ... Moreover, Egypt's massive crackdown on Hamas-affiliated terrorists in..

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