hamas spokesman says taliban's defeat of us inspired

Hewad Daily published interview with Husam Badran, the spokesman of Hamas, that the defeat of U.S and NATO forces by Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan in 2021 and similar experiences against occupation forces in other countries such as Iraq and Algeria taught Hamas to choose the path of..

israel-hamas war

Hamas's surprise attack on Israel has been called the day and has prompted bombardments, military deployments and vows to eradicate the terrorist group. ... 'We find tunnel and blow it up In Gaza City with the troops hunting Hamas... ..

hamas should surrender

Hamas Should Surrender . Posted by Bruce Bialosky at 10:27 am on Jan 08, 2024 . . ... Hamas must surrender. They have shown they have no concern for the people of Gaza. ..

after hamas, hezbollah?

Hezbollah, of course, is much more dangerous enemy than Hamas thanks to Iran, it has storehouse of 150,000 rockets and missiles, about eight times what Hamas is estimated to have had at the beginning of this war. Residents will not return as we doing in the south against Hamas,..

israel-hamas war: 85yo hostage released by hamas

The video showed 85-year-old Yaffa sitting in golf cart after being taken hostage when Hamas terrorists stormed into the kibbutz where she lived in southern Israel... ... Yaffa Adar, 85, who was among the first group of Israeli hostages released in deal between Israel and Hamas.. ..

israel-hamas conflict: turkey moderates stance towards

President Erdogan is careful to court his constituency, and there are other, geopolitical forces at play Photo ) Turkey pursued in attempt to mediate between Hamas and Israel, and Erdogan has adopted stance. ... Onhon added that this moderate picture might change in the face of civilian death toll..

hamas enablers

Iran controls Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad Hezbollah, and many other terrorist groups Lebanon, Syria, Yemen and elsewhere.. ... OSF has been funding the two pro- Hamas, pro- Palestinian groups Jewish Voice for Peace and IfNotNow that invaded Capitol on October 18, demonstrating..

hamas is is

Hamas, the organization that rules Gaza Strip, had decided to launch massive surprise attack and drag Israel into war.. ... Philippines stands with Israel in the battle against terror, including Hamas and IS.. ..


Hamas and Iran as single strategic threat, the prospect for escalation increases as well, he added.. With Iran's sponsorship and backing, Hezbollah, Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad and other groups created United Fronts Doctrine few years ago, Mohanad Hage Ali, senior fellow at..

what is hamas?

spin-off of Palestinian of Muslim Brotherhood in the late 1980s, Islamist militant group Hamas took over Gaza Strip Fatah, in elections in 2006.. ... Hamas is cut off from official assistance that United States and European Union provide to PLO in West Bank. ..