israel-hezbollah tensions flare up

Hezbollah has been attempting to avoid anything that would lead to all-out conflict with Israel. ... Hezbollah continues to refrain from becoming partner with Hamas this conflict, they are potshots, generally, compared to Israel's response to Hezbollah in the reverse direction...

hezbollah, israel trade fire

BEIRUT - Israel and Lebanon-based Hezbollah traded fire Saturday in one of the heaviest days of cross-border fighting recent weeks, day presumably by Israel, of Hamas Lebanon's capital.. ..

hezbollah targets hospital using cyber attack

Iran and Hezbollah terror group under the leadership of Mohammad Ali Merhi were identified as the entities behind cyber attack on Israeli November. The attack was on Ziv Medical Center and was orchestrated by Iran and Hezbollah cyber group meant to disrupt the functioning of the..

hezbollah chief threatens escalation

Hezbollah is prepared for all options, he declared, and we can resort to them at any time.. ... Israel considers Hezbollah its most serious immediate threat, estimating that Hezbollah has 150,000 rockets aimed at Israel, and drones and surface-to-air and -sea missiles... ..

what is hezbollah?

Following October assault on Israel by Hamas, Iran-backed Palestinian militant group that governs Gaza Strip, Hezbollah has fired shells across Israel- Lebanon in show of what the group's leaders called solidarity with Hamas, and Hezbollah militants attempted to infiltrate Israel. ..