argentina freezes hezbollah assets

BUENOS AIRES Argentinian authorities designated Hezbollah, organization on Thursday and ordered the freezing of Lebanese Islamist assets in the country.. ... At present, Hezbollah continues to represent current threat to security and the integrity of the economic and order of Argentine..

labour refuses to support hezbollah ban

By numerous states and organisations from Hezbollah is already banned in its entirety including the political wing United States to Arab League. ... Hezbollah has mocked the distinction between its military and political wings that its apologists like to promote in West.. ..

britain bans hizbullah

Britain said on Monday it would ban Hezbollah, adding Lebanese Shi'ite group in its entirety to its list of banned terrorist organisations... ... Hizbullah arch Hassan Nasrallah.. By donating one time or monthly, Please help ensure Israellycool can keep going,... 47 Shares... ..

what links hezbollah and venezuela?

The US has long considered Hezbollah organisation and sanctions on people Venezuela linked to Hezbollah have been imposed as far back as George W. ... Last Fox News reported that the two governments are said to be tightening their bond - with the help of Tehran's proxy group,..

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