violence, gangs cast pall over life in honduras

view shows Tegucigalpa, Honduras, November 12, 2018. By joining migrant caravan hope of making it to safety across the It was just one of many scenes I witnessed this year while on assignment Honduras, where thousands of people sought to escape violence and poverty Mexico- U.S border. ..

correction: honduras-activist slain story

TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras — In Nov 29 about the conviction of seven in the killing of Honduran activist, erroneously that three of the men were convicted of lesser charges. ... Friends, family, activists and members of Caceres Civic Council of Popular and Indigenous Organizations of..

hopeless honduras

I've lived and worked Honduras for 10 years both as missionary, serving the poorest of society and now as teacher, where I philosophy and history classes to the children of the wealthiest. ... Lastly, law should change to make it more difficult for the wealthy of Honduras to fly to U.S to..

migrant caravan dishonors honduras

U.S Honduras has warned the migrants will not be granted entry into United States and that they are taking risk with human traffickers. ... more Honduras would be win-win for locals and United States, the antidote to Libre's and the long-term exodus. ..

why are they leaving honduras, cardinal maradiaga?

Just for moment, let's set aside the debate about American policy, and ask different question Why are thousands of people willing to leave their homes Honduras and walk 1,500 miles to reach the US border, knowing full well that they ca not enter Texas legally... ... Those are the questions that I..

honduras after zelaya’s return

The event facilitated the return of ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya, to Tegucigalpa on May 28, and the readmission of Honduras into Organization of American States on June 1.. On the one hand, U.S and Canadian administrations of Barack Obama and Stephen Harper have long envisioned the..

august 2018 honduras coup update : la imc

August 2018 Honduras Coup update by Sydney With Honduras Thursday, Sep 06, 2018 at 5 28 AM latinamerica emergency@gmail com https sydneywithhonduras wordpress com In August 2018, it was the school, school and university. ... On 29 August 2018, Dasaev Aguilar and the cameraperson, both of..

honduras in flames

To the benefit of the land-owning oligarchy, clientelist politicians, and the military, Honduras has undertaken large-scale infrastructure projects and mining. Such coalition appeared Haiti in 2004, mounted Honduras, staged Paraguay in 2012, and removed Brazil in 2016. ..


U.S and Mexico Dec announced $5.8bn U.S aid for Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador and $4.8bn for Mexico to stem illegal migration.  ... President Trump 28 Dec threatened to cut all aid to El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras unless they do more to stop migration... ..

murder in honduras « lrb blog

One ago, Berta Cáceres was in bed La Esperanza, Honduras, when gunmen burst into the house and shot her. ... The wider issue is fight against economic model 'extractivism that sees the future of Honduras in the plundering and export of its natural resources. ..

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