houthi rebels strike u.s.-owned ship

JERUSALEM — Houthi rebels fired missile, striking U.S.-owned ship Monday just off the coast of Yemen in Gulf of Aden, less than day after they launched anti-ship cruise missile toward American in Red Sea.. ... Houthi fire in the direction of USS Laboon, Arleigh Burke-class operating in..

tiktok turns feral over 'hot' houthi pirate

Young Yemeni Rashid Al-Hadad has become Houthi rebel attacks on ships in Red Sea Houthi supporter has captured hearts on media with 'thirst trap videos filmed against backdrop of cargo ships in Red Sea.. ... In January, he posted version of the cargo ship video, with 'Yemeni Armed Forces,..

houthi attacks are starting to reshape shipping flows

Houthi rebels fired missile striking U.S.-owned ship Monday, Jan 15, 2024, just off the coast of Yemen in Gulf of Aden.. ... Another cargo carrier was attacked in Red Sea on Tuesday, while major oil company began steering its tankers away from the waterway, sign that U.S military strikes on..

houthi attacks hit tesla!

In response to the attacks, United States and United Kingdom targeted Houthi positions Yemen. President Joe Biden confirmed that Australia, Bahrain, Canada, and Netherlands also supported the military action. 🚨 HOUTHI ATTACKS HIT TESLA. ..

houthi rebels

Over the week, most of the largest shipping firms have will avoid Red Sea and, therefore, Suez Canal after Yemen-based Houthi rebels fired missiles at cargo ships over Israel-Hamas war.. ... Some ships are, however, continuing to ply Red Sea, albeit with armed guards on board, in case their..

yemen’s houthi attacks on ships continue

DUBAI LONDON - Attacks from Houthi-controlled Yemen struck two Liberian-flagged ships in Bab al-Mandab Strait on Friday, underlining the threat to vessels in shipping lanes being targeted by Iran-aligned group.. ... By people aboard small craft assessed to be members of, British security firm..