disney+ and hulu will merge

Next Spring, Disney+ and Hulu will become one app. In discussing the change, Bob Iger uttered one of my least favorite sentences ever, saying, We remain on track to roll out more unified one-app experience, making extensive general entertainment content available to bundle subscribers via..

disney to buy out hulu - readwrite

looming concern, however, is the status of NBCUniversal content on Hulu, assured until 2024's end. ... The true worth of Hulu, amid the backdrop of competitive and ever-evolving streaming landscape, remains the billion-dollar question.. ..

hulu - the verge

Once seen Hulu has changed its tactics. Original Hulu series like The Handmaid's Tale, Runaways, and Letterkenny have earned the service some acclaim, and Disney's majority-share acquisition means Hulu is planning on investing even more heavily in its own content. ... Stay with..

everything coming to hulu in july 2023

From intriguing original series like Justified City Primeval and returning shows Futurama and What We Do in Shadows to movies like Alien, Die Hard, and Don't Tell Mom Babysitter's Dead,   Hulu subscribers will find something for everyone in the household.. The list of Hulu's new arrivals..