indigenous innovation

Despite number of Indigenous-aimed spaces in the works, Mike Chow, director of Indigenous Relations for City of Edmonton, says he does not think the City is quite there yet.. ... She thinks replicating Indigenous District that Toronto is proposing would be Vancouver, and not..


By Stephanie Tromblay February 2, 2019 Thousands of Indigenous peoples from across U.S and Canada, from Guatemala and... ... By Sam Ordóñez December 4, 2018 Honduran Indigenous activist Berta Isabel Cáceres Flores  received... ..

class struggle and indigenous liberation

He traces the formation of indigenous working-class struggle, from the death of Tupac Katari in 1871 to the rise of the first, Morales, in the wake of the second gas in 2005.. ... It makes it impossible to see the convergence of indigenous and class struggle and ignoring the limits of..

jenni monet on indigenous journalism

Corporate media's lack of interest in indigenous issues, and their ahistorical, distorted view of them when they do cover them, are overdue for change.. Jenni Monet is reporter who writes about indigenous rights. We'll talk with her about what's missing from media and what it means... ..

indigenous affairs

Sadly, we are now at Australian history accusing him of being the originator of every social and problem that Indigenous Australians have faced. by - 27 09 2018 - 14 comments.. They working hard on creating on three pieces of law that would, if implemented, expand property regulations to protect..

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