iran – amanpour

Mary Rezaian, mother of Washington Post Jason Rezaian, appeals to Iran's English and Farsi. ... Iran's, Javad Zarif, told Amanpour that the talks are opportunity for all of us to end rather prolonged chapter... ..

afghanistan and iran: can iran be friends with the

Iran was allied with Northern Alliance around Tajik Ahmed Shah Massoud, because Tajiks speak Persian and Hazara are Shias. ... Above all, however, Iran is bent on convincing Taliban to form government of unity with the inclusion of all ethnic groups Afghanistan, including Hazara, Uzbeks..

iran foreign ministry: iran kidnap plot is

Later Wednesday, White House press Jen Psaki told briefing that Iran's actions to attempt to silence the voices of those working to address the situation both inside of Iran and outside of Iran are appalling... ... Manhattan federal court described the plot along with..

iran nuclear program

This edition of the program is about Iran nuclear and the revival talks Vienna. Iran says it's up to the US to return to the deal it had breached and abandoned before the administration came to office... ..


President Biden will not object if Britain settles debt to Iran in effort to secure Nazanin.. ..

architecture from iran

Through its complex cultural past and occasional turbulent political environments, Iran's architecture has achieved its own distinct vernacular. ... Iran . . . Latest news in Iran . A Beach House on the Aegean Sea and a Hybrid Housing Development in Norway: 12 Unbuilt Projects..

unveiling iran

On January 16, 1979, Iran's last ruler, Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, left the country, and just over two weeks later, his nemesis, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, returned from fifteen-year exile, signaling the end of two and millennia of monarchy. ... Then, in 1997, another blow came European Union..


Limited in case of British mother held by Iran. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has blamed Iran for aboard Israeli-owned ship in Gulf of Oman last week and sidestepped question on whether Israel would retaliate.. ... The Trump administration quit the pact designed to slow..

iran president rouhani: u.s., world will kneel before

And The World Will Kneel Before Iran And Lift Sanctions Failure Of Maximum Pressure Policy Iranians Greatest Success In History. ... President Rouhani said that the fact that those who imposed the sanctions have admitted to the failure of this policy is Iran's success in history... ..

iran ·

The 42-year-old has completed five-year sentence and must appear 2021. # Iran # Iran Nuclear on agenda as Coveney travels to Iran to meet with President Rouhani. ... US President Donald Trump warned Iran that the world and more importantly, USA is watching... #..

biden and iran

Iran has missile program, certainly the in Middle East and, under the leadership of IRGC, continues to develop it despite the return of the sanctioning regime.. ... Moreover, we already know now that Iran is not interested in temporary freeze of sanctions and, in the meantime, it will..

iran vows retaliation

Iran's leader promised on Saturday to retaliate for the killing of Islamic Republic's top scientist, raising the threat of confrontation with West and Israel in the remaining weeks of Donald Trump's presidency.. ... Fakhrizadeh, who had little public profile Iran and who Israel named..


During nation-wide protests November 2019 Iran's government cut off the Internet for over million people.  ... What is the correlation between the online and offline behaviour of Iranian citizens and the likelihood of their arrest Iran today. ..

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