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deterring iran: should biden escalate?

And on Feb., Iran-backed Syria signaled that it, too, was not put off by U.S counterattacks, killing six fighters from Washington-allied Kurdish militia.. ... s military present strategy regarding Iran and its proxies and also allows the other side to save face. ..

u.s. considers attacking iran

Iran-backed militias have attacked other U.S bases in Reuters observed, and never to such effect. ... military attack by U.S Iran would have devastating ripple effects — prolonging Gaza fighting, bringing Iran-backed Hezbollah into the war against Israel, and more broadly..

pak-iran ties

Pakistan and Iran have shared relationship since Pakistan's in 1947. ... It's crucial to emphasize the cultural, religious, and historical bonds uniting Pakistan and Iran. ..

analysing iran strike

The Afghan transit trade, the refugees, smuggling, border skirmishes, allegations of undesirable activities within each other's territories and security concerns, IP gas pipeline project, Iran-US-Pak, India- Iran trade and investment initiatives and host of other issues kept Iran..


Iran has reinforced its position on September 2022, of Mahsa Amini, student arrested for being inappropriately dressed.. ... The target of unprecedented sanctions and plagued by corruption, Iran is in alarming situation that has had major impact on the media and journalists. ..


The X media site granted Iran's Supreme Leader the gray checkmark, signifying the veracity of its posts in spite of its links to Hamas attacks on Israel.. ... Iran can now boast of its indirect impact on the bloodiest attack against Israel in the 50 years.. ..

turkey begins betraying iran

source close to Turkish government said Ankara is in negotiations with Iran and Hezbollah. ... Turkey has history of betraying its allies, and we will soon see another betrayal — one against Russia and Iran, toward Europe.. ..

iran – chicago boyz

Well, it appears that Iran is still steamed over the death of their military mastermind Quassam Soleimani, the chief of so-called Quds Force sort of Iranian SS, I have always thought. ... China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Italy, Iran, Germany, R.O.K and USA all..

change in iran 'irreversible'

In the interview, she insisted the movement that erupted one Iran against Islamic Republic is still alive.. ... But she was critical of what she described saying foreign governments have not recognised the progressive forces and leaders Iran and pursued policies aimed at perpetuating..

iran · global voices

While Iranian government's tactics reflect global issue, the world must remember and celebrate the courage of Iran's women. ... Despite the challenges, Ashkan Shabani remains determined to fight for LGBTQ+ and Iran and worldwide. ..

aptopix iran us

Iran, Islamic Republic of . Iraq, Republic of . Israel, State of . Italy, Italian Republic . ... Iran, Islamic Republic of . Iraq, Republic of . Israel, State of . Italy, Italian Republic . ..


At one point, around the time of COVID-19 or Iran in 2019, or during the activities of Ahvaz and Haft Tappeh in 2017 and 2018, the term. The comrades of JNFC are right bureaucratic and anti-working class dictatorship of Islamic Republic of Iran. ..


Islamic Republic of Iran, lower-middle-income country with population of 85 million, is hosting one of the largest and most protracted refugee populations in the world. ... No 7, Nezami st., Ghoba St., Shariati Ave., Tehran, Iran. ..

iran turmoil continues

Iran Turmoil Continues . COMMENTARY Middle East . Iran Turmoil Continues . ... Regardless of the ultimate results of Iran’s current crisis, the country has been radically changed from what it was a week ago. ..