iraq unrest persists - international

The unrest that began Oct 1 shows no sign of abating as protesters call for overhaul of Iraq's political system and blame neighboring Iran for its in the country's plight.. ... Iraqi people, especially Shias, have realized that Iranian interference has negative impact on their living, economic,..

iraq anti-government protests continue in iraq

PHOTO AA Iraq's anti-government protests intensified as the protesters have shut down major roads in the country's, Baghdad.. ... they have drawn swath of the population from across the sectarian and ethnic divides, demanding end to Iraq's, unemployment, and government services, .. ..


People smugglers are profiting from the flood of refugees out of Syria, smuggling them over the border into Iraq under the cover of darkness.. ... Protests flared across Iraq on Thursday plunging the country into information blackout.. ..


The Islamic State lost the control of territory Iraq and continued to carry out attacks on civilians and security installations during 2018. ... Iraq's Failure to Manage the Water Crisis... Abuses against Children Suspected of ISIS Affiliation Iraq... ..

uprising sweeps iraq

It's very brutal response to the peaceful protests of the in the cities of Iraq, and it was executed according to plan.. ... By the militias and the political parties and the government, The windows of Iraq have been closed. ..

anger in iraq

No doubt this is the biggest nightmare for Iraq. The in the loss of Iraq has amplified the pressure on Iraqi government, and what has been most encouraging to see is that the number of protesters has continued to double. ... the people of Iraq have not been allowed to form..

iraq – amanpour

Haider al-Abadi said that with continued support from the alliance, ISIS could be forced out of Iraq in matter of months... I think that will take time, but If we talking about pushing Daish out of Iraq, that can take months. ..

don't 'iraq' iran

And like Iraq, the results of yet another war to take out the regime will no doubt be worse nightmare however Iran's current leaders might be. . ... This was Cuba, Nicaragua, Iraq, Syria, Libya and now Venezuela. ..

crisis in iraq

minority position in the ruling class, represented by those like then Undersecretary of Defense for Policy, Paul Wolfowitz, wanted United States to conduct regime change Iraq and throughout the region. ... By conquering sections of Syria, ISIS amassed war chest of $2 billion that it used to..

architecture from iraq

After being forced to leave his home in Iraq, he and his family are now based in Turkey – and it is here that he has honed a skill in constructing these tiny, intricate worlds from a broad range of ordinary materials. ..

iraq news : indybay

Santa Cruz Community Holds Vigil for Iraq and Iraqis. UCSC Students Raise Awareness about UC System's War Profiteering... In response to the recent threat of U.S military attacks Iraq, community members Santa Cruz held vigil for Iraqi people on June 23 at Town Clock. ..

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