New Zealand will withdraw its troops from Iraq by June next year, on Monday, ending mission that helped train Iraqi defence forces to fight Islamic State militants. ... Condemned French prisoner was forced to confess Iraq - HRW. French man sentenced to death Iraq this week on..

iraq daily roundup: kirkuk bombings; 13 killed in

Turkish forces announced the deaths of four more guerrillas belonging to Kurdistan Workers Party during Operation Claw Iraq. ... Generally, however, Iraq were killed... Margaret Griffis is journalist from Miami Beach, Florida and has been covering Iraqi casualties for Antiwar com..

don't 'iraq' iran

And like Iraq, the results of yet another war to take out the regime will no doubt be worse nightmare however Iran's current leaders might be. . ... This was Cuba, Nicaragua, Iraq, Syria, Libya and now Venezuela. ..

iraq is conquered—on to jerusalem

Currently, America stations about 5,000 forces at Iraqi — critical post in the fight against the remnants of Islamic State Syria and Iraq. ... Under Suleimani, Quds Force oversaw the training and decision-making of Iran's proxies It directed Hezbollah southern Lebanon and Hamas Gaza it..

iraq rakes in us$7b

Baghdad, IraqIraq made more the highest monthly revenues yet this year, according to figures released by the ministry on Wednesday.. ... Iraq has could boost its production to meet potential gap and would do so only coordination with fellow OPEC members.. ..

kentucky soldier dies in iraq

LOUISVILLE, KY - A Kentucky soldier supporting Operation Inherent Resolve Iraq has died, Kentucky Department of Defense said Sunday... ... Riley's deployment to Iraq in support of Operation Inherent Resolve was his first. ..

basra votes for independence from iraq

IRAQ'S oil-rich Basra province has voted to become region and will now look at measures to take forward secession from Baghdad's central government.. ... In 2015 the high commission Iraq agreed to hold referendum to turn Basra into autonomous region. . ..

iran's president to visit iraq

Iranian Hassan Rouhani will visit to Iraq this week to solidify ties between Shi'ite Iran and Iraq's Shi'ite led-government.. ... It's also Iran's response to President Donald Trump's snap December trip to Iraq and American president's comments that US forces should stay..

correction: iraq-christian town story

BARTELLA, Iraq — In the main square in Iraqi of Bartella stands large cross, one of the overt signs the town was Christian.. ... The town's divisions point to the broader tensions around Iraq in the wake of the dispersal caused by Islamic State group. ..

welcome to aswat al-iraq – aswat al-iraq

Its Arabic service has long been reprinted and used by Iraq and Arab world, such Jordanian Ad Dustour, and Saudi Press Agency. ... Three journalists who worked for Aswat al- Iraq have been killed, including Sahar Hussein al-Haideri, and in 2008 posthumously won Amnesty International UK..

the media didn’t fail on iraq; iraq just showed we

The idea that more confrontational press could have stopped the march into Iraq is wishful thinking, he implies that the media could override the president's influence and that of other leaders.   ... Farhi's piece ran while Washington Post killed far more critical piece on Iraq and..


Iran ...

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