thoughts on the iraq invasion

No changes were made after Iraq invasion to keep the US government from deceiving Americans into war. How true can President Biden's claim be that he regrets supporting Iraq invasion if he appointed the guy. ..

the pope in iraq

Undertaken amidst security concerns and at the height of the coronavirus, the first-ever papal visit has brought to the fore the reality of Iraq, as the country struggles to emerge from the bouts of violence perpetrated by United States and Islamic State .. ... Enunciating that the diversity of..

bravery and patriotism in iraq

U.S paid scant attention to Iraq's against Islamic State, since, compared to the previous wars, our military involvement, was limited, consisting of specialized missions, aerial bombings, drone attacks, and collection. ... By focusing on him and two brothers, Munaf and Harith al-Sudani,..

iraq – amanpour

-led coalition fighting ISIS gathered London on Thursday to discuss their coordinated effort against the terrorist group, large swathes of Syria and Iraq.. Last month, Iraq's armed forces had their first victory against the militants with the recapturing of Baiji Oil Refinery, the largest..

iraq to boost refinery capacity

Iraq plans to increase the capacity of its Qayara refinery in the northern part of the country to 90,000 bpd, ed. ... Baiji is Iraq's largest refinery, processing third of the output that stays on the domestic market for consumption. ..

iraq and international hypocrisy

Al-Fitna by Kanan Makiya about the state of Iraq from 2003 till 2006, and it was amazing that I felt as if I was still completing the remaining chapters of the novel, as there is no difference in the in terms of assassinations and violence.. ... Regrettably, most of Western media and..

heat inflames iraq electricity shortages

Laith Jabbar, worker, cools off July 27 Basra, Iraq Photo Gallery. BASRA, Iraq — In Iraq's oil-rich south, the summer months pose painful new choices in the age of the coronavirus stay at in the sweltering heat with electricity cut off for hours, or go out and risk the virus.. ..

iraq on the brink

Covid-19 and the in oil prices has pushed Iraq towards calamity, underlining the urgency of ending the fossil fuel dependency.. ... To secure our future, the government must invest Iraq's oil revenues in other sectors of our economy, including tourism, agriculture, and industry.. ..

welcome to aswat al-iraq – aswat al-iraq

Its Arabic service has long been reprinted and used by Iraq and Arab world, such Jordanian Ad Dustour, and Saudi Press Agency. ... Three journalists who worked for Aswat al- Iraq have been killed, including Sahar Hussein al-Haideri, and in 2008 posthumously won Amnesty International UK..

blog – back to iraq

The latest from Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction  gives number of almost 100,000 Iraqi civilians to date. You can read the entire report, Hard Lessons Iraq Reconstruction Experience ( and order a... ..

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