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-led coalition fighting ISIS gathered London on Thursday to discuss their coordinated effort against the terrorist group, large swathes of Syria and Iraq.. Last month, Iraq's armed forces had their first victory against the militants with the recapturing of Baiji Oil Refinery, the largest..

iraq war

This week U.S drone strike that killed Iranian, the wisdom of Joe Biden's Iraq vote, and in the election.. ... With Iraq weakened and war raging Syria, it's unclear whether local forces and U.S...

2020 hindsight on iraq

It's the war that brought chaos and regime change that handed control of Iraq to Iran as if on platter. ... We could win Iraq, except we'd never get out of the mess we'd made... ..

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Yazidi survivors of ISIS want to go back to Iraq Solidarity News Wed Dec 30th 1 35am. ... Yazidis freed from Islamic State Syria and returned to Iraq Iraq Solidarity News Sat Mar 7 44am. ..

former miss iraq sarah idan: iraq should be

Iraqi-American Activist and Former Miss Iraq Sarah Idan Iraq Should Be Independent from Iranian Influence, Militias I Want to Facilitate Peace Between Muslims and Jews, Arab Countries and Israel #8622 03 23. ... Idan explained that she cannot visit Iraq today, because activists..

iraq and international hypocrisy

Al-Fitna by Kanan Makiya about the state of Iraq from 2003 till 2006, and it was amazing that I felt as if I was still completing the remaining chapters of the novel, as there is no difference in the in terms of assassinations and violence.. ... Regrettably, most of Western media and..

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