Militiamen and their supporters protesting against deadly U.S air strikes on Iraq hurled stones and torched security post at U.S. ... U.S air strikes Iraq and Syria against Iran-backed Kataib Hezbollah militia group have brought threat of reprisal. ..

protests in iraq

peace and stability eluded Iraq, with one wobbly government following another, until Islamic State group devoured huge chunks of Iraqi territory in 2014.. ... Today, al confessional system holds sway Iraq, with power divvied up between Shia and Sunni Arabs, and Kurds.. ..

sunni mufti of iraq: iran is intervening in iraq

Sunni Mufti of Iraq Rafi Taha Al-Rifa'i Sunnis Should support Anti-Government Demonstrations But Should Not Take to the Streets Themselves. ... He said that IRGC and Basij have entered Iraq order to support Iraqi against the rioting against it and that Iraqi PMU preventing peop... ..


People smugglers are profiting from the flood of refugees out of Syria, smuggling them over the border into Iraq under the cover of darkness.. ... Protests flared across Iraq on Thursday plunging the country into information blackout.. ..


The Islamic State lost the control of territory Iraq and continued to carry out attacks on civilians and security installations during 2018. ... Iraq's Failure to Manage the Water Crisis... Abuses against Children Suspected of ISIS Affiliation Iraq... ..

iraq / syrian refugee

DATELINE 19 - 21 OCTOBER 2019, BARDARASH, DUHOK GOVERNORATE, KURDISH REGION OF IRAQ. ... Most of the recent to Iraq have come to Bardarash camp in Dohuk Governorate of Iraq. ..

uprising sweeps iraq

It's very brutal response to the peaceful protests of the in the cities of Iraq, and it was executed according to plan.. ... By the militias and the political parties and the government, The windows of Iraq have been closed. ..

anger in iraq

No doubt this is the biggest nightmare for Iraq. The in the loss of Iraq has amplified the pressure on Iraqi government, and what has been most encouraging to see is that the number of protesters has continued to double. ... the people of Iraq have not been allowed to form..

don't 'iraq' iran

And like Iraq, the results of yet another war to take out the regime will no doubt be worse nightmare however Iran's current leaders might be. . ... This was Cuba, Nicaragua, Iraq, Syria, Libya and now Venezuela. ..

architecture from iraq

After being forced to leave his home in Iraq, he and his family are now based in Turkey – and it is here that he has honed a skill in constructing these tiny, intricate worlds from a broad range of ordinary materials. ..

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