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The fact that in Iraq the mortality rate is improving with the same sanctions regime as the rest of Iraq, shows that in places where Saddam Hussein is not manipulating the medicines and the supplies, this works... ... s disarmament program Iraq. In the four months between his..

u.s. threatens to close iraq embassy

Following the strike, Iraqi lawmakers called for the expulsion of U.S troops, and Iran-backed terror groups ramped up operations near or on American installations Iraq... The presence of lawless, Iran-backed militias remains the deterrent to additional investment Iraq, State Department..

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nnWhile Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said General Soleimani's support for Syrian army \ will not be forgotten, \ the ministry said the attack reaffirms U.S for the Iraq as part of its policy to \ create tensions and fuel conflicts in the countries of the region.\. ... While Syrian President..

iraq struggles to restart damaged refineries

Yet Iraqi authorities have started to chart pathway for Arab segment, too albeit bit too ambitious given the conditions of Iraq one might argue that staying realistic is Baghdad can do. ... Moreover, Iraq has another long-running downstream saga that of Karbala Refinery, basically the..

iraq and international hypocrisy

Al-Fitna by Kanan Makiya about the state of Iraq from 2003 till 2006, and it was amazing that I felt as if I was still completing the remaining chapters of the novel, as there is no difference in the in terms of assassinations and violence.. ... Regrettably, most of Western media and..

heat inflames iraq electricity shortages

Laith Jabbar, worker, cools off July 27 Basra, Iraq Photo Gallery. BASRA, Iraq — In Iraq's oil-rich south, the summer months pose painful new choices in the age of the coronavirus stay at in the sweltering heat with electricity cut off for hours, or go out and risk the virus.. ..

iraq on the brink

Covid-19 and the in oil prices has pushed Iraq towards calamity, underlining the urgency of ending the fossil fuel dependency.. ... To secure our future, the government must invest Iraq's oil revenues in other sectors of our economy, including tourism, agriculture, and industry.. ..

serious housing crisis creeps up on iraq

issues regarding Iraq's financial obligations have begun to escalate, in light of the complete dependence on oil revenues to pay salaries and activate the economy. ... The housing crisis Iraq is complex, the faltering development and the extinction rate of housing, and rather extends to..

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Ware was already well established as the guy with the sources in the insurgency by the I started my second Iraq journey in early 2004. ... Iraq was dangerous for reporters from 2004-2008, audience just never seemed to grasp, no matter how many journalists were killed.. ..

obama’s abandoning iraq roadshow

While 78% of Americans approve of the withdrawal from Iraq,  many analysts believe that White House did not try hard enough to maintain security force to protect Americans still Iraq, and to Iran from stirring up trouble.. ... I'm concerned about the interest of Iraq and the..

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