media now offering ‘isis plots’ that are 100%

There was, lots of contact between Edmond cousins and what they thought was ISIS, and were FBI agents pretending to be ISIS. ... The likelihood of Al Qaeda or ISIS launching massive attack inside United States is 'infinitesimal, yet recent poll found 86 percent of Americans now..

fighting isis

Fighting ISIS . by . . From Komchadluek, November 18, 2015 . [The cartoon seems to contend the U.S. will enlist France to fight against ISIS.] . . ..

isis reborn?

Trump claims, We defeated 100% of ISIS Caliphate, and ISIS has indeed lost all of the territory it once controlled, the group has fact returned to its insurgent roots, with thousands of fighters still operating Iraq and Syria.. ... In 2015, Ankara began to close the border and..

darkow: isis returns

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where are isis fighters now?

Kurdish fighters were key US allies in defeating Isis in the region, and Turkey views Kurdish militia in the alliance - YPG - as terrorist group. ... The US-led Global Coalition to Defeat Isis believes the majority of the jihadist militants are dead or in custody.. ..

isis: resilient, adaptable, decentralized

Mosul, the facto of ISIS's three-year-old caliphate, was falling to consortium of Iraqi forces and Kurdish forces backed by United States or Iran. ... Not like those in France or Belgium, then repatriated as sleeper agents tasked with autonomously planning and executing series of grisly bombings..

escaping isis

My daughter, Nadia, and I hid the children under clothes and bedding and put tape over the babies mouths so that ISIS could not hear them crying. ... Susan McClelland is co-author of A Cave in Clouds, the story of Badeeah Hassan Ahmed and her escape from ISIS.  ... ..

who are the isis refugees?

estimated 300 Isis militants are besieged there, hemmed in by the river and the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces, Kurdish-led militia spearheading the fight against IS following intense push since September.. ..

why attack the isis bride?

tidal wave of hypocrisy has greeted the discovery of Bethnal Green and Isis bride Shamima Begum in refugee camp Syria. ... I was once in touch with Isis, Syrian, saying that they were ill-informed about Islam and local customs. ..

post-caliphate isis

The vision of ISIS and the extremist acts which flow from that vision, such sacred shrines, and cultural sites, resembles that of Sunni Wahhabi extremism with origins Saudi Arabia, the source of ISIS's against the values shared by freedom loving nations. ... ISIS leaders, may..

sweden prosecuting pensioners, welcoming isis

While  Säpo is assuring Swedish public that it will do even more to limit the growth of terrorist environments Sweden, Swedish government is exacerbating the problem by welcoming returning ISIS fighters back into the country. The law does not allow authorities, for example, to seize or search..

lilley: leave isis fighters overseas

Prime Minister Trudeau might as well say, Canadian is Canadian, is Canadian, to justify bringing former ISIS fighters, terrorists really, back to Canada and it does not fly... ... Last October, Parliament passed motion calling on the government to come up with plan to bring returning..

trump vs isis: phantom victory

Such triumphalism can be discounted, that ISIS now controls just small parcel of Syria's  Euphrates valley and predict the movement will lose that in the coming weeks  . ... ISIS's strategy thus combines frequent attacks, supporters that the movement is still active, with steady..

exclusive: europe’s children of isis

Europe's Children of ISIS follows the victims - and children - of arguably the world's most terrorist organizations... ... The film exposes disturbing facing European governments should ISIS children be held responsible for the crimes their parents committed.. ..

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