isis sanctuary map: july 1, 2016

ISF began to approach Shirqat, ISIS-held district Salah al-Din Province, on June 18, 2016. Day of Wrath to seize ISIS-held of Albu Kamal on Syrian- Iraqi order to cut off ISIS lines between Iraq and Syria on June 29, 2016. ..

isis: resilient, adaptable, decentralized

Mosul, the facto of ISIS's three-year-old caliphate, was falling to consortium of Iraqi forces and Kurdish forces backed by United States or Iran. ... Not like those in France or Belgium, then repatriated as sleeper agents tasked with autonomously planning and executing series of grisly bombings..

trespassed from rialto over isis joke

One of the men showed wad of money to his friends and claimed Isis, the organisation, paid well.. ... Isis is also the name of the centre at Wakari Hospital Dunedin.. My friends work at ISIS here Dunedin and they reckon it pays the same as regular nursing at the hospital... ..

fast facts on isis

Isis aims to establish Islamic state or Iraq, Syria and other nations in Middle East... By 2014, Isis controlled more than 34,000 square miles Syria and Iraq, from the coast to south of Baghdad. ..

escaping isis

My daughter, Nadia, and I hid the children under clothes and bedding and put tape over the babies mouths so that ISIS could not hear them crying. ... Susan McClelland is co-author of A Cave in Clouds, the story of Badeeah Hassan Ahmed and her escape from ISIS.  ... ..

the end of isis

Isis was group that broke away from Osama bin Laden's, al-Qaeda, and the main reason for the rupture was that some members thought the time was ripe to create Islamic caliphate. ... The last villages Syria that were once part of Islamic State will be recaptured this week, whereupon Trump will..

lilley: leave isis fighters overseas

Prime Minister Trudeau might as well say, Canadian is Canadian, is Canadian, to justify bringing former ISIS fighters, terrorists really, back to Canada and it does not fly... ... Last October, Parliament passed motion calling on the government to come up with plan to bring returning..

the roots of isis

At the time, Syria, United States with Syrian Kurds, Russia, Assad's, Iran, and Hezbollah was closing in on ISIS, Raqqah. ... The sectarian divisions that the US wrought on the country, the ascendancy of Islamist parties, the venality of Sunni and Shia ruling classes that grew rich through..

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