fierce battles near islamic state foothold

The capture of Islamic State-held of Baghouz and nearby areas would mark the end of four-year war to end Islamic State extremists territorial hold over large parts of Syria and Iraq, where the group established its self-proclaimed caliphate in 2014. U.S officials and Trump's own military..

islamic startups and economic development

Today, food, navigation apps for religious sites, and religious products, are parts of Islamic tourism. ... Despite the great market for Islamic products, the world of Islam has potentiality for earning money and creation, the head of Rahim Khaki told IRNA.. ..

twitter 'enforcing islamic blasphemy law'

Twitter is virtually enforcing Pakistan's law, by the social-media company of complaint that his book analyzing the minds of Islamic terrorists violated Muslim-majority nation's notorious statute... ... The wife of a man in Saudi prison for insulting Islam  also received the notice,..

islamic state stockpiles stolen fortune

Investigators traced the flow of millions of dollars Islamic State revenue through banking networks with links to Turkey and United Arab Emirates and Iraq and Syria.. ... By the terrorists after their takeover of, Islamic State's millions are the remnants of seized Syrian and Iraqi..

morocco suspects 'linked to islamic state'

Four suspects in the murder of two Scandinavian tourists Morocco allegedly pledged allegiance to Islamic State and foreshadowed the in video.. ... Morocco's on Thursday confirmed the authenticity of in which he said the four pledged allegiance to Islamic State and its Abu Bakr..

islamic threat to america

Tom Snodgrass,   Right Side News Examples Of People Spouting Ignorance About Islam Are On Both Sides Of The Political.. Islamic Threat to America Islam America and NPR, George Soros and CAIR. ..

contemporary topics of islamic thought

The title of the collection is not meant to suggest that these are the important topics of Islamic thought, merely that they are some topics of discussion among Muslims. ... Contemporary Topics of Islamic Thought By Hajj Muhammad Legenhausen The Imam Khomeini Education and Research..

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