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The United States says it will no longer attempt to convince Israel to ban in West Bank... # israel-palestine - Friday 24 September, 2010.. ... The last direct talks between Israel and Palestine ended year and ago, after Israel launched week strike on Gaza Strip... ..

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Black Lives Matter and International Solidarity Movement are teaming up with Palestinian Arabs to try to create the same irredentist-type movement Arabs practice against Israel, and this time against United States. ... Palestinian Arabs have appropriated the symbol of Mary, mother of Jesus, for..


Senate passes pro- Israel bill, measure also rebukes Trump. By opposing any plans for abrupt withdrawal of troops from, Senate passed Mideast policy bill on Tuesday including measure that would allow states to penalise businesses that take part in boycotts of Israel and amendment that..

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Israel Institute demands New Zealand response to continuing Hamas attacks on Israel Israel Institute of New Zealand, Dr David Cumin, is calling on the Government to condemn the latest round of attacks on Israel by Palestinian terror groups.. Israel Institute..


Widely respected former chief of staff is seen as centrist, and has kept his cards close to his chest and made few public comments. ..


Prime Minister Scott Morrison acknowledged in announcing that Australia would recognise that West Jerusalem, is fact the site of Israel's capital. 27 December 2018 by Naomi Levin.. ... Yair Netanyahu, the son of Israel's PM, has been having fight with the giant over anti-Muslim..

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