imposing ‘balance’ requires distortion of

Gaza sniper killed Israeli in earlier protest, and Palestinians have used kites and helium balloons to fly incendiary devices over the border fence, destroying tracts of forest and farmland Israel... ... fake balance between Palestinians and Israelis is a balance that favors Israel, and..


In times Yom Kippur brings much of Israel to standstill, as businesses close and roads empty for the in Jewish calendar. 9 24am BST.. ... Israel returns to lockdown as COVID-19 cases mount 22 Sep 2020.. ..

israel adesanya’s key to success

Israel Adesanya has been on phenomenal streak, deserves the credit he's been given. ... Only 2 guys have ever pulled that off, he has to think standing at kickboxing range is big no-no, so every new opponent Israel fights will piece together the recipe for success. ..

against israel? against jews

BDS, in referencing 70 years, takes the position that Zionist enterprise is stained, and opposition to Israel has nothing to do with disputed post-1967 territories, of Israel, established in 1948.. One of these demands is for the right of return for descendants of the original refugees..

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