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Japan would be uproar if foreign country refused to treat Japanese citizen and turfed them out the country.. ... By members of the same family, Japan's Civil Code and Family Register Law require the use of single surname... ..


The alliance with Japan has been the cornerstone of U.S East Asia for decades, and new challenges from China, North Korea, and within the alliance raise questions about its future.. ..


Japan . . . . . . . ‘Artist with a grudge’ kills 33 in arson attack at animation studio . ... Japan keeps whaling to feed its national pride . It is one of the ironies surrounding the hunting of whales that such a bitter and ill-tempered international... . ..


Left Out-Law News July 2018 EU and Japan agree on protection. Out-Law News April 2017 Japan plans second test to extract gas from methane hydrate deposits. Out-Law News March 2015 European Commission to work with Japan, China and the US on 5G standard. ..

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