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Ultra-Orthodox Ben must rescue Alexandria, Egypt's dwindling Jewish community, and finds marooned in Sinai Desert with Arab in this heartwarming, culture-clash odyssey... ..

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This photo was shared by Daniel Hagari on @IDFSpokesperson X Twitter on November 17, 2023.. if our survival is to be Jewish. ... I am wailing we did not outlive the horrors of holocaust to hoard survival like this to hollow ourselves out ix or did we x my people, my Jewish people, tell..

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More Bundism advanced Jewish identity, especially through Yiddish language, libraries, sports clubs, schools, newspapers, discussion circles, children's and youth movements, movement, in. ... Jewish Socialists group has published pamphlet Jewish Workers Bund Past,..

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Los Angeles City Councilman Gil Cedillo speaks about US Citizenship Act of 2021 on April 29, 2021 Los Angeles, California. ( Patrick T. ..