do jews count? — culture wars

we can blame the author, the acclaim with which his book has been received provides refutation of the book's thesis if Jews do not count, why has TLS published Jews Don't Count. ... The effort to reclaim Jew is motivated by his assertion of its deep burial of it in bad place in..

local jews deal with inflation concerns

But in cutting back on nonessential activities, she is like many Jews right now, the president and CEO of KleinLife, Northeast Philadelphia.. KleinLife often hosts meals for senior residents of Northeast Philadelphia Many Jews around Philadelphia area feel the same way. ..

the pope and the jews

Both historians focus on events October 1943 when German occupiers of Rome began rounding up Jews for the same deadly purpose.. ... at Pope's, Rome's convents, religious houses, and Vatican, along with the residence at Castel Gandolfo, sheltered Jews by the hundreds. ..

project muse - jews of iran

Westerners often imagine Jews Iran alienated within their nation yet restricted from leaving it. ... They are Iranian nationals by birth and by choice, and they are Jews by affiliation. ..

jews in dubai 'smash paradigms'

He recalled the discreet life he had led there as an observant Jew before the Abraham Accords. . ... Rabbi Abadie, a Sephardic Jew who was born and raised in Lebanon before his family fled to Mexico in 1971, sat in one of several residential villas that the government had approved as places..

airbrushing jews out of jerusalem

violent images were broadcast of Palestinian thugs vandalizing Al- Aqsa Jerusalem, and hurling Molotov cocktails and stones on Temple Mount and at Jews praying at Western Wall below.. ... The hallucinatory willfully delusional vote from Jew-hating nations in the thralls of Palestinianism..

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