jews push back

Despite this terrifying possibility, some American Jews flew to Israel to help save their homeland.. ... But it's great to know that the brave, rebellious history of Jews still lives Brooklyn  . ..

stuck: israel and american jews

By contrast, Amy Kaplan's Our American Israel looks beyond American Jews to Americans in general and asks how there was ever such strong bond between superpower with hundreds of millions of citizens steeped Christian and speck on half world away with nine million people, the majority of them..

ajc paris survey: french jews, non-jews agree on

Overall, 44% of Jewish sample say the situation for French Jews is worse than ago, only 11% say it's better and 42% no better or worse.. ... Only 47% of Jews and 48% of the general public have confidence in the President of France tackling antisemitism, 46% of Jews and 41% of..

a guide for jews and non-jews alike

Hanukah starts at Sunday, while non- Jews will wonder what it's all about and whether they're missing out on something. ... Jews consider it holiday compared to celebrations such as Rosh Hashanah, and Passover. ..

trump and the jews

What Trump seems to understand when he invoked the word disloyalty is what Israel means to Jews and Americans. they will invoke that Jews vote on array of issues. Jonathan Greenblatt, ment saying Trump made it clear he thinks Jews have loyalty to Israel. ..

are jews still funny?

Politicians and people on Twitter are currently debating the use of the concentration camps, while Jews roll their eyes. ... We spoke with Jewish comedians about telling Jew jokes in the age of Trump and how to turn cultural punch lines into sources of power.. ..

good jews and bad jews

Earlier this month, Louis Farrakhan, denying that he hated Jews, told audience at Catholic Church  Chicago that he was here to separate Jews from Jews... ... Similarly, for every person who condemned Capitalist Jew and celebrated Communist, there was someone else. ..

make jews honorable again

Right after Charlottesville, we had Gary Cohn and Steve Mnuchin, two Jews who stood feet away from Trump as he said that those opposing Nazis at rally were to blame for the violence as Nazis at the rally. ..

wake up fellow jews

Ilhan Omar is Jew and anti-Semite who does not appreciate the gift United States gave her through people like Jew Lawrence Freedman. ... Our problem, Jews problem, is that Liberal-Left wing Jews, from professors to newsmen, to congressmen, assisting the enemy. ..

hal aqua on his jews do jews concert

Jews Do Jews, is that anybody, any kind of ethnic group or minority or nationality or religion, has this kind of knee-jerk reaction about someone either good or bad, when you say, Oh, were they Jewish... ... That's not my world, except I love the world, love the I've heard it's chance..

suicidal jews

., France, Norway, and China it drives those pathetic Jew haters stark raving mad.. ... Newly-elected Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez also supports BDS movement, speaks of the occupation of Palestine., and says that she descends from Sephardic Jews. ..

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